Android SDK Tools Revision 5 (r5) Fixes Issue on Fetching Repository URL using SSL (HTTPS)

Android development team has released the new Android SDK Tool Revision 5 (r5) on early March this year (2010). This revision fixes some problems and bugs found on previous revision (r4). What i found usefull was it fixed the issue on fetching  repository URL using SSL ( oid/repository/repository.xml) that mostly occured when downloading Android platforms into SDK or installing ADT on Eclipse.

For Eclipse users, SDK Tools r5 is designed for use with ADT 0.9.6 or later, so after installing  SDK Tools r5, it is highly recommended to update your ADT plugin to 0.9.6.

Fixes and changes:

  • Fixes SSL download for the standalone version of the SDK Updater.
  • Fixes issue with 64-bit JVM on Windows.
  • Adds support for platform samples components.
  • Improves support for dependency between components.
  • AVDs now sorted by API level.
  • The AVD creation dialog now enforces a minimum SD card size of 9MB.
  • Prevents deletion of running AVDs.
  • Settings are now automatically saved, no need to click “Apply”.
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