Embed Google Static Map in Your Blog Pages Using GStaticMap Plugin

Google Static Map lets you embed Google map image in your own web pages without using Javascript or any dynamic loading page. The static map created on your page based on URL parameters sent through a standard HTTP request. You create the URL with it’s required parameters and place it within an <img> tag.

GStaticMap is a WordPress plugin that lets you embed Google static map easily in your blog pages without using an <img> tag. To embed a map, just include the gsmap tag with it’s paramaters (optional) in every pages you want to embed. The plugin has  default parameters that can be set using it’s settings form on administration panel. For more information about this plugin, please refer to i’ts documentation page. Below are two examples to embed a map.

Using default tag without parameters.

Note that the default tag doesn’t use parameters, the parameters are loaded automatically from default parameters set in settings panel.

Using parameters that specify the center location, zoom factor and map type.

Download: gstaticmap-1.0.0.zip

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