How to Change Default Web Browser on Adobe Flex Builder 3

Adobe Flex Builder, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Flex application uses system default Web browser to running and debugging applications. To change the default Web browser to another Web browser, you can change the workbench Web browser setting which effects how application are run and debugged.

To change default Web browser:

1. Go to Preferences -> Window menu to open Preferences window

Preferences WindowPreferences Window

2. Choose Use external Web browser option and select your desired Web browser on available External Web browsers

3. If the desired Web browser doesn’t exists, click New to open Add External Web Browser dialog

Add DialogAdd Dialog

4. Type the name of your external Web browser, eg: Chrome

5. Click Browse to point to your Web browser’s executable file location

6. Click OK to add

7. Select your newly added external Web browser (Chrome) and then click OK to apply

Open your Flex application project and run, your application should be run in the specified Web browser.

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