How to Enable Android Jelly Bean OTA Update on Nexus S

Hello Droiders, Google has just pushed Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) OTA update for their flagship phone, Google/Samsung Nexus S. Normally this OTA update can be checked and downloaded from System Update menu on Settings. However, not all  Nexus S phone get this OTA update. So if your Nexus S does not the OTA update, you can try the following trick to enable OTA update:

    1. Go to Settings -> Apps
    2. Choose All tab then choose Google Services Framework

jellybean nexus s ota update

    1. Click Clear data button then Force stop button

jellybean nexus s ota update

    1. Go back to Settings -> About -> System updates
    2. You should the Android 4.1.1 OTA update notification.

jellybean nexus s ota update


It may take more than once attempts to make OTA update appears, so you can repeat the step 1-4 untul the OTA update appears. This trick also can be applied on Galaxy Nexus to get Android Jelly Bean OTA update.

Have a nice  try..;)

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