How to Share Internet Connection Between PC and Android Phone Using WiFi

WiFi Ad-Hoc Networking is a popular method to share internet connection between  computers (pc or laptop) or between a computer and a smartphone that has built in WiFi. Unfortunately, this method of networking is not supported by Android since it was released until the time of this writting. One of the popular method to enable ad hoc mode on Android devices is by  changing a WiFi configuration file located on /system/etc directory called tiwlan.ini. But this method is specific to phone’s WiFi chipset and you need root access to change the file. The tiwlan.ini is a configuration file for Texas Instruments WiFi chipset (e.g HTC dream) so you will not find it on Samsung Spica that use Broadcom WiFi chipset.

Another alternative method is by using a software based virtual access point that using Windows 7′s Wireless Hosted Network technology. This method only runs on Windows 7 and hardware specific. Currently i found two best virtual access point softwares, Virtual Router and Connectify. They both operate in the same maner and very easy to use. I have tested both of them to share internet connection from my PC that used  Sierra Wireless USBConnect 881 modem for internet access and an external TP-Link TL-WN31G Wireless USB adapter with my Samsung Spica.

Here is the guide on how to use virtual router and connectify

On Windows 7 Box:

    • Download and install Virtual Router or Connectify, you can try one of them. They are hardware specific so read the documentation on their websites about the supported WiFi devices.
    • Fill in the settings panel with your prefered WiFi name, password and internet connection to share
Virtual Router

Virtual Router



    • Click start button to start sharing
    • On your Wireless Connection Status, click Details to get the network connection information, note the IPV4 Address

On Android Device

    • Go to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Wi-Fi Settings
    • Open Advance settings menu
    • Tick the Use static IP option
    • Enter your desired IP address (ex:  into Ip Address field
    • Enter your IPV4 Address (ex. into Gateway field
    • Enter into Netmask field
    • Enter your internet connection’s DNS server (use ipconfig /all command to get DNS info) into DNS 1 and DNS 2. As an alternative, you can use Google Public DNS: and
Wifi Static IP Setting

Wifi Static IP Setting

    • Connect to Wi-Fi using your password
    • Disable and Enable Wi-Fi (in case if it won’t connect)
Android Wi-Fi

Android Wi-Fi

  • Check the connection using browser or other application.


Latest version of Connectify uses dhcp so it is unnecessary to use static ip on Android.

If you have trouble while using Virtual Router or Connectify, please check if your wifi card is supported or read the documentation or disccussion on their support page.

Supported devices: Virtual RouterConnectify

Documentation and support: Virtual Router | Connectify


If you can’t connect to internet though the client already connected to the hotspot (connectify or virt.router), these are the possible solutions:

  • Try to disable antivirus or firewall
  • Try to stop and start the hotspot
  • Try to kill the hotspot process using task manager and restart the hotspot
  • Try to disable and enable wifi on Android
  • Check if your wifi card supported by the hotspot (check the reference sites above)
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  1. naren says

    actually, my wifi adapter in my laptop is not capable of creating a access point…! i can only create ad-hoc connections… in tat case, my spica does not recognize the ad-hoc network tat i try to connect… wat is the alternative….?

    • says

      Hi Naren,There is a method on how to enable adhoc connection in Sorry i forgot the link, you can search there. Hope it helps you

  2. says

    Hi Naren,

    There is a method on how to enable adhoc connection in Sorry i forgot the link, you can search there. Hope it helps you :-)

  3. Anthoni Gardner says

    I’ve got my phone connected to my Wifi router (broadband router) and I can browse the internet etc.

    What I am wanting to do though is run Apache on my PC and have my phone browse the site on Apache, but I can’t for the life in me get this working. I’ve searched all over and still no avail.

    Anyone know how to do this ?


  4. sgx100 says

    Thanks Lorenz…You made my day boy
    Was desperately looking to achieve this.

    I had installed connectify…But the fixed IP settings did the trick.

    Thanks so much

    Lovely Guide

    You Rock !!!!

  5. Walter says

    Hi lorenz,

    I have my HTC connected to my laptop using Conectify, they send and recieve data over the wireless link but there’s a problem with the DNS queries that my HTC does.

    When I try to access to a webpage using its DNS alias it doesn’t work, but when I try to connect to the IP of this web site it works OK.

    I installed Wireshark to analyze what was happening and I noticed that the DNS queries that my HTC does are in a strange format. Here’s a screenshot of my capture:

    As you can see, there are many attemps to 2 different DNS hosts to try to obtain the IP of the site. The courious thing is that the query does not have the same standard DNS query format as it should have ( )

    Some ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


  6. imaddy5 says

    Hi how do i share my PC’s internet connection with Xperia X10 phone. plz help. i want to browse broadband on phone since i dont have access to wifi.


  7. rajesh barua says

    thank you veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy much its working……….. its more reliable connection then usb but the battery drain is problem. :(

  8. sanyam says

    i have Samsung galaxy 5 android2.1
    i tried with both software’s above
    but my phone still not searching any virtual router.
    i set all settings accordingly
    please help me to create ad hoc network so that i can use internet via laptop WiFi connected to lan

  9. Cami says

    HI :)

    I did every thing you said, and I found the Network om my Xperia 10, but when I’m trying to open a page, its no internet =(

  10. Bhupathi says

    hi lorenz,

    with these instructions my android device is connected to connectify, but when i open a page via browser.. there is no internet connection.

  11. says

    Hi, Thanks for the great share. I try it using my Xperia X8. I can open facebook and browse through android market. The only problem is I can’t download from Android Market. Is there any other setting I might have missed?
    Thanks a lot

  12. adam t says

    Just a quick note – used this info today with Virtual Router and apparently no need to set static ip. dhcp seemed to kick in and assign the phone an ip on the correct network and valid dns. Running windows 7 on dell latitude e6500 talking to a dell streak on froyo 2.2.

  13. Tuấn says

    Thank you very much. I tried Virtual Router and it didn’t work, but Connectify ran so smoothly. Thanks again.

  14. Christoph says

    This was SUPER USEFUL. Helped me connect all my devices (laptop, phone, PS3). Can’t believe these instructions are not provided on connectify’s site. Thank you!!!

  15. says

    What if I’m using Windows Vista. Do you know a solution?

    I had a Nokia E63 that has no problems connecting to ad-hoc wireless networks with internet sharing made from my laptop.

    Now, with my Android phone I can’t create a wireless connection with my laptop. I have a sony vaio with windows vista and a htc desire hd with android.

  16. Sam says

    Hi Lorenz, very nice article.

    I’ve been trying to connect my Xperia to my laptop internet via wi-fi and it’s been unsuccessful since my laptop is Vista and not window 7. Now, is it possible to get my laptop internet wired onto my Android Xperia phone via USB connection?

  17. shani says

    i am using connectify 2.1 and trying to sharing my broadband but its not assigning me ip address even though connectify read mac address of my device. i have tried static ip, gateway and dns but none worked.
    i am having htc mt 3g with froyo 2.2

  18. mkash says

    how do i connect my huawei ideos u8150 so that i can access internet.i have established a hotspot but when i try to access internet on my phone i cant.the ip address of my laptop is give the steps

  19. Yasir says

    Thanks for the info Lorenz!
    Well I have a scenario wherein,

    I want to share my wired LAN connection (dial up type) with my Samsung Galaxy S, through a Wireless Adapter (dont want to invest in Wireless Router), is this possible?

    Also can I share my phone’s 3G connection with my PC through a Wireless Adapter?

  20. Hai Mai says

    Hi lorenz,

    I have just bought an Android tablet, Archos 70 at . I installed Connectify and run it as this . But my android tablet don’t see the ad hoc wifi of my laptop.

    Is there any way to share the ad hoc wifi of laptop to my android tablet? Pls help me.

    Hai Mai

  21. mohamad says

    tanx alot
    mu phone is X10 mini pro, and in my phone dont exit advance setting meno in Wi-Fi Settings to enter IP-addres
    please help me to use this method

  22. anly says

    i am trying to connect to hotspot via connectify (created in my desktop pc) from my samsung galaxy 3 froyo but not success. i can see network from the phone but i can not connect. phone is trying to connect to the network but allways get disconnected. also from laptop i can not connect to this network.
    i have usb wifi alfa with chipset RTL8187 which is in the supported list of devices…

    • says

      I also have the same problem on my Nexus one, my solution is kill the connectify service (from task manager) than start it again (sometimes it may take 2-3 times)

      • anly says

        its not working for me. client get connected to connectify for few seconds but then it is going to disconnect. the similar situation is with Virtual router. virtual router software gets started for few second but then it is disconnect.

  23. Risti says

    It says “No AP mode supported”

    Meaning the wireless chip in my laptop is not compatible, right? Mine is Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection.
    Does it mean this method cannot be used?

    Then what should I do??

    Thanks before

  24. pj says

    Hi, after i insert the information in settings, i click on start virtual router, but the error message is virtual router could not be started. i wonder why. am using window 7 ultimate and virtual router manager v0.9 beta and samsung galaxy 3.

      • pj says

        I do not know why i cannot install connectify. it will stuck for long time:

        Installing Connectify
        Installer start date=20/04/2011 (Wednesday)
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify
        Extract: C:\Users\PEIJUN~1\AppData\Local\Temp\ConnectifyShutdown.exe
        Extract: C:\Users\PEIJUN~1\AppData\Local\Temp\wifi.dll
        Stopping Connectify. This could take a minute or two.
        Exiting Connectify
        (Connectify – 0)
        Waiting for service CONNECTIFY to stop…
        System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot open CONNECTIFY service on computer ‘.’. —> System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: The specified service does not exist as an installed service
        — End of inner exception stack trace —
        at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController.GetServiceHandle(Int32 desiredAccess)
        at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController.Stop()
        at ª£.ª£.ª¡()
        Exiting ConnectifyService
        (ConnectifyService – 0)
        Exiting Connectifyd
        (Connectifyd – 0)
        (DualServer – 0)
        (ConnectifyNetServices – 0)
        Disabling hostednetwork…
        Looking for leftover adhoc networks…
        Terminating Connectify

        INFO: No tasks running with the specified criteria.
        Service Connectify not installed
        Removing task
        ERROR: The system cannot find the file specified.
        Killing all ConnectifyService.exe
        Connectify no longer running
        Delete file: C:\Users\PEIJUN~1\AppData\Local\Temp\wifi.dll
        Cleaning up DLL’s and EXE’s
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\BuildProps.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\ConnectifyNAT.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\ConnUPnP.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\DriverLib.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\gma.Windows.Firewall.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\HardwareHelperLib.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\HtmlAgilityPack.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\Interop.NETCONLib.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\Interop.NetFwTypeLib.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\Interop.NETWORKLIST.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\Interop.SHDocVw.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\io.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\Ionic.Zip.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\log4cxx.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\log4net.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\ndisapi.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\UPnP.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\wifi.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\WPSLib.dll
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\Connectify.exe
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\Connectifyd.exe
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\ConnectifyNetServices.exe
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\start_service.exe
        Delete file: C:\Program Files\Connectify\Uninstall.exe
        Created uninstaller: C:\Program Files\Connectify\Uninstall.exe
        Installing Connectify Wi-Fi Hotspot
        Extract: BuildProps.dll
        Extract: ConnUPnP.dll
        Extract: Connectify.exe
        Extract: Connectify.exe.config
        Extract: ConnectifyNAT.dll
        Extract: ConnectifyNetServices.exe
        Extract: Connectifyd.exe
        Extract: Connectifyd.exe.config
        Extract: DriverLib.dll
        Extract: HardwareHelperLib.dll
        Extract: HtmlAgilityPack.dll
        Extract: Interop.NETCONLib.dll
        Extract: Interop.NETWORKLIST.dll
        Extract: Interop.NetFwTypeLib.dll
        Extract: Interop.SHDocVw.dll
        Extract: Ionic.Zip.dll
        Extract: UPnP.dll
        Extract: WPSLib.dll
        Extract: connectifynat.l4c
        Extract: gma.Windows.Firewall.dll
        Extract: install-driver-amd64.bat
        Extract: install-driver-x86.bat
        Extract: io.dll
        Extract: log4cxx.dll
        Extract: log4net.dll
        Extract: ndisapi.dll
        Extract: start_service.exe
        Extract: uninstall-driver-amd64.bat
        Extract: uninstall-driver-x86.bat
        Extract: wifi.dll
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify\WCN-UFD
        Extract: AUTORUN.INF
        Extract: setupSNK.exe
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify\WCN-UFD\SMRTNTKY
        Extract: MessageB.txt
        Extract: fcw.ico
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify\drivers
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify\drivers\amd64
        Extract: connctfy.inf
        Extract: connctfy.sys
        Extract: connctfy_m.inf
        Extract: snetcfg.exe
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify\drivers\x86
        Extract: connctfy.inf
        Extract: connctfy.sys
        Extract: connctfy_m.inf
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify\logs
        Extract: logs.txt
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify\source
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify\source\ManagedWifi
        Extract: Interop.cs
        Extract: ManagedWifi.csproj
        Extract: WlanApi.cs
        Extract: app.config
        Extract: license.txt
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify\source\ManagedWifi\Properties
        Extract: AssemblyInfo.cs
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify\source\dualserver
        Extract: DualServer.cpp
        Extract: DualServer.h
        Extract: gpl-2.0.txt
        Extract: makefile
        Output folder: C:\Program Files\Connectify

        then it will stay at this stage more than 30 mins

  25. says

    i have tried it on my Galaxy Ace but it won’t work with either of the two.. although it shows the device is connected but wifi is not working..

    • says


      If you are using Connectify, try to kill the process and start it again. Disconnect and connect the wifi connection on the phone. Check if the phone get ip address from connectify.

  26. khurshd says

    Hey! is there a way to do the same in Windows vista???
    I searched a lot a but only found apps for windows…if you know anything about VISTA do lemme knw.

  27. CBA says


    • says


      Try to kill the process and start it again. Disconnect then connect the wifi connection on the phone. Check if the phone get ip address from connectify.

  28. shashi says

    I am using connectify to connect my samsung galaxy ace with android 2.2.1 but its not able to detect. Can you help ?

  29. rohit says

    i have a sony aino. but i am not able to use internet on it while using connectify.
    my laptop is hp probook 4410s.

    please guide me!!!

      • Richard says

        Hi. Have you ever come across a situation where even though a static ip is set on the phone (exact steps as you showed), and even when the phone is shown on connectify as a connected client, the ip address that is shown on connectify (which is a dhcp one), is NOT the static ip addr that was set on the phone. *switching Wifi on/off on the phone doesnt solve it, neither does killing/rerunning connectify on the laptop.

        I noticed also that the dhcp ip shown on connectify for the phone is in a different subnet from the dhcp ip that’s on the ‘primary’ wifi card (that’s connected to the wifi router).

        Puzzling. Like to hear your comments definitely… thanks.

        • says

          Hi Richard,

          I never had that problem. Connectify always works well, sometimes it get connected but can’t browse, the solution is just to kill the process or ON/oFF the wifi. I’ve tested it on Samsung Spica, Nexus One and Nexus S and it works well.

  30. Harshal Patel says


    I am using connectify to connect my samsung galaxy SL i9003 with android 2.2.1 but its not able to detect. But my other mobile (Nokia N8) works perfectly fine…..

    • says

      Try to disconnect and connect the wifi on Android. If the problem still exists, try to kill the connectify process on Windows then start it again.

      • Harshal Patel says

        i tryed disconnection and reconnection wifi on android (samsung galaxy sL) but with no luck, also killed the connectify process on windows and restarted my pc lot of time……but i am not even able to detect wifi on my mobile (only ahod other works fine)……and i can do the same with my nokia n8

          • vicky says

            as Harshal Patel said, i also have the same problem, i did all the required setup and the compatibility with connectify also. i have htc wildfire 2.2.1, wifi is discoverable by nokia 5800 but is invisible for my handset. please provide the solution.

    • hari says

      actlly i hav an android phone and i want to share my internet over my wifii lappy…

      finally i have found a software for this without even installing this…it is..
      u can try this…

  31. pedram says

    hello lorenz
    tank u so much for your was the most use full post in all crust the net.

    it worked . tank u

  32. rahul says

    lorenz ,

    i just used connectify . earlier i had problem regarding disconnected issue .. that worked fine when i made it static ip … but now the phone shows connected .. but in connectify is shows

    Connected clients – 1

    when i browse net on phone … its doesnt get connected to internet .. even though wifi gets connected … what should i do ?

    thx in advance

    i have htc wildfire(2.2) and dell inspiron 15r (the card is supported)

  33. rahul says

    lorenz ,

    i just used connectify . earlier i had problem regarding disconnected issue .. that worked fine when i made it static ip … but now the phone shows connected .. but in connectify is shows

    Connected clients – 1
    when i browse net on phone … its doesnt get connected to internet .. even though wifi gets connected … what should i do ?

    thx in advance

    i have htc wildfire(2.2) and dell inspiron 15r (the card is supported)

  34. CBA says

    i just used connectify . earlier i had problem regarding disconnected issue .. that worked fine when i made it static ip … but now the phone shows connected .. but in connectify is shows

    Connected clients – 1

    when i browse net on phone … its doesnt get connected to internet .. even though wifi gets connected … what should i do ?
    thx in advance

    i have galaxy mini(2.2)

    • Sytross says


      I had the same problem with connectify as you, i.e connected but no internet access! Would pls tell me if you were able to solve this problem and how.


      • says

        Hi, this is from connectify support site, hope it helps you

        First, make sure that you have selected your actual Internet connection in the Internet dropdown of Connectify, being sure to apply any changes that you make.

        If you are still having issues, please consult the Firewall section for additional tips.

        If you are sharing an Internet source from a device other than your Wi-Fi card, Windows may be turning off the hotspot device to save power. To disable this, in the Connectify tray icon’s Support menu, go to ‘Network Connections’. From here, right-click on the Microsoft Virtual Miniport Adapter and click on Properties, then click on the ‘Configure’ button in the ‘Networking’ tab. From this window, go to the ‘Power Management’ tab and uncheck ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’.

        Also be sure that you are using the most up-to-date drivers available for your wireless card. You may find updated drivers via Windows Update. Many times Windows Update does not have the latest drivers and you may need to check with your laptop or wireless device manufacturer to find them.

        This failure is tied to the device drivers of your wireless card, and a permanent fix for this can only come from your wireless device’s manufacturer.

  35. tshan says


    i’m using Sony Ericsson X10i.i’m using mobile broadband connection to connect internet but connectify didn’t detect that so i can connect to wifi network but couldn’t surf net. :( then i moved to virtual router it detects my internet source but it disconnects just after connect. so fed up with this. could u help me… plz…

  36. Milind says


    same problem as described by many on the top…it does get connected…but can’t browse net, use market etc etc..

    can you help?

  37. Siddhant says

    Hey dude you’re awesome and thanx a worked well for me 10/10 by me. others juz follow the steps you’ll get what u want..!!

  38. Siddhant says

    Hey dude need ur help,

    Im using X10i and on pc i installed Connectify. my cellphone is connected to pc it even shows in connectify that A Device is connected but on mobile internet is not there. In pc, connectify is showing “UPNP is not running”. can u help?

  39. Daniele says

    At work, i have a lan connection that i’d like to share with my Samsung gt-i5500, an android phone. My laptop has a broadcom wifi card which should be compatible but all that i get is to see that my mobile really connecst, but it is not able to browse internet at all.
    I configured my mobile as decribed and i used both Connectify (as Access Point) and Virtual Router. What problem could it be? It’s irritating to see that mobile connects to pc but it cant use his internet :(

  40. N00b says

    I have an galaxy S2, even when connected the page just loads and loads, it never finnishes wich means i cant go to the network site, i have my Mode on; access point, WPA2-PSK and made the network Wifi, i’ve done everything up there. Using static and changing dns and such, but it still wont work, im using connectify btw:) and yes ive tried the other program to. (didnt work =/ ) please help! much apreciated.

      • N00b says

        Oh yeah i forgot, in the connectify program on connected clients, it just says; connecting, bot on my phone it says that i am connected, and it also says under settings, UPNP not running. : )

        • rahul says

          mine has the same issue … the client shows “connecting” .. it doesnt connect … but in phone it shows connected and internet doesnt work !! Htc wildfire 2.2 + dell ins 15r.

          • hari says

            hey rahul,use “mhotspot”,without installing the software…u can make a hotspot easily….

  41. diwesh says

    hi lorenz ..
    i am having an andriod phone samsung galaxy fit, i want to connect my laptop with my mobile phone via wifi to connect to internet so can u plz tell how to do dat…

  42. jellybelly says

    hey, i have an android incredible…and a windows phone. my phone is not set up to where i can send and recieve calls or texts anymore… but i can still go online when im in an area with wifi… i THOUGHT i could acess the internet on my phone wherever there is an internet connection? and ive been trying to figure out how i can connect to the internet on my phone using my friends internet connection from his COMPUTER at his house?… does that make sense? could you help me? ive been working on this for hours….

  43. says

    I had properly enabled connectify. And my other laptop can now connect to the connectify hotspot but then, the connection says local only, no internet access… but on my connectify settings, it says intenet is active. could you help me out?

  44. Baskar says

    hi..I have problem connecting to internet in mobile via PC using connectify. Here the lan uses a proxy setting. Do u have any idea to solve this issue

    • krissh says

      baskar,use “mhotspot” software…noo need to install the software but powerful sharing tool and u dont need to bother abt proxy settings..

  45. says

    actlly i hav samsung galaxy ACE and i tried connectify and virtual rouer but there are many problems with it to share my internet over my wifii lappy…

    finally i have found a software for this without even installing this…it is..
    u can try this…

  46. Ali says


    I’m using a flash modem to get connected to a wireless connection. I thought i would use this fantastc feature and brows internet in my mobile.
    The problem that I’m facing even after uninstalling connectfy is that when I try to connect to the internet through my wireless flash modem it doesn’t work out and keeps being Idial. Think something has changed and would really appreciate it if you please could advise about this problem.

    many thanks in advance.

  47. sahi says

    hey i did as mentioned but in my android phone it says obtaining IP address and then fails to connect .y ,whats the problem.plz…help..i have samsung corby fit.i have delll inspiron laptop.

  48. rakhadewanto says

    hello Mr. Lorenz,
    I have a problem,
    my galaxy mini always connected to my wifi, but when i try to open market/ browse it just fail. It never connected.

    I try this tutorial, but no luck.
    is there something i’m missed or what

    thank you.

  49. Andreas says

    I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S connected with VirtualRouter to a Win7 machine- it works fine – but do NOT use STATIC IP address in Android.

    I tried the description above, but with STATIC IP, I got nowhere.

  50. waqas says

    hello sie
    when i use LAN connection with my Laptop then it connect with my iphone.
    but when i used 3G Evo with my laptop than internet is not working with my iphone.

  51. Kareem says

    Hey thnx for the great post
    well i have a strange problem
    i have Samsung Galaxy fit with Android 2.2.1
    i’m using connectify my other laptop sees the connection and connect to it other phones as well connects to it (iphone) but my samsung galaxy fit does not even detect the connection tried the steps of static IP address but also didn’t work
    however my friend laptop using same connectify software i’m able to connect to his wifi connection with the same phone :)
    any clue why this happens with my laptop only ?

    • says

      Thats strange, i dont know what exactly the cause of the problem but sometimes android phones have problem with some wifi chipset.

  52. Anand says

    hello sir,
    i have samsung galaxy mini. i first install vitual router and when i click on start router it does not get started.And then i install connectify which is nicly connected with my mobile but it block my modem and creating an error 651 because of this iam unable to connect my lappy to internet.this is all cause due to connectify.
    Plzz help & sorry for my bad english

  53. Ajay says

    Hi Guys,

    I have recently bought Acer Iconia A500, i tried creating a access point using connectify on my system and I’m able to detect and connect to the the SSID on the tab but not able to browse or connect to the Internet.
    Someone please help.

  54. Naman says

    used connectify, works well..

    1- u’ll need to share internet from “sharing” tab on your default internet connection
    2- no need to put in ip/dns as stated, no need to put on static

  55. Ely says

    Hi Sir,

    I have samsung wave s5780 and i wanted to use my laptop running w7 as a wifi to connect my samsung phone, what is the first thing to do??

    Thank you in Advance..

  56. Mateb says

    I used the virtual router manager

    everything works fine but when i connect throug my galaxy 2 it’s connects but stuck on obtaining IP address

    and in the virtual router screen cann’t retrive the IP address

    Please advice on this issue

  57. Bogdan says

    I have a problem with internet sharing. I tried to make an adhoc connection but at finish I receive the error that I dont have permissions to sharing the connection. I connect to internet trough pppoe connection and I use on my laptop Win 7. What I must do to share internet for my LG P500 Android 2.3.3 phone?

  58. Harith Unnikrishnan says

    Yes! i connected my galaxy pop after 2 days of not connecting. it did not work with static ip enabled. so i tried without it and it worked with connectify. thank you!!

  59. Chetan Shah says

    I did all settings for Static IP ( for Samsung Galaxy Fit, but connectify shows connected devise with

    Also WI-FI of Galaxy Fit repeatedly disconnecting connectify anbd reconnecting.

    Please advise.

  60. omer says

    i m using win 7 my android device detects the wifi of pc,as i using evdo wireless internet connection.i m nt able 2 share it on my android device as soon as i try 2 connect i get dump screen msg(blue screen) and pc gets restart.kindly tel me the way of sharing internet on my android device via wifi.thnx

  61. sudhanshu says

    i have samsung gt-s5670 and a dell inspiron. i wanted to make my laptop to work as a hot spot and so i downloaded the connectify sofware. i’m struggling through the following problems-
    1. Once i run connectify prog i’m unable to connect to the internet via my broadband connection which works perfectly when there is no connectifier.
    2. i don’t know that what shall i fill in the internet column of the connectifier.

    In short, i have spent hours to make my lapi work as a hot spot but gained simply nothing..
    so kindly suggest me a way to do it..
    reply to the earliest
    thank you..

    • says


      1. problem with antivirus or firewall? try to test it while antivirus or firewall are being turned off.
      2. It should be your current internet connection (public network)

  62. Sytross says

    I need help please:
    I am using Android (galaxy tab) and used connectify last version 2.2.0 but still have a problem connecting to the internet although it seems connected well on the phone and pc, but no internet connection.
    Also, what about the configuration of the virtual wifi mini port adapter?? it seems to have different configuration??

  63. jams says

    im using android phone (galaxy 5) and i cant connect to our wifi at home. i can view the wifi name on my phone but when im trying to connect to the wifi it is already not in the range.pls help……..

    • John S says

      Hi, i m also using Galaxy S….but its not working for me…How do i get the ipv4 and what should be my desired ip address??? Plz Help….thanks !

  64. Agha says

    I configured the devices correctly and I was able to connect my mobile to my computer WiFi. But the internet is not working. I’m not able to browse the internet. Any ideas? I’m using connectify

  65. jijo says

    hey guys. im using connectify for an internet connection between my laptop and android xperia arc. it connects and works good but if I download anything more than 15mb then the connection stops working and I.have to restart my wifi. anybody knows why tat happens ???

  66. Vikram says

    Hi All
    I wanted to use this software to share my internet connection over to Samsung Galaxy S. But samsung S is not able to pick up any server ?

    Please help

  67. Rasti says

    even if you set static ip in virtual router directly change to dynamic (static ip is active but is written in IPV4 address .. and in android if you touch the connection it shows us u

  68. anil4523 says

    I configured the devices correctly and I was able to connect my mobile to my computer WiFi. But the internet is not working. I’m not able to browse the internet. Any ideas? I’m using connectify
    same things to me using Samsung GS 2
    please help

    • gunveer says

      hey anil did you get a solution to this, even i am able to connect my samsung galaxy to wifi but am not able to connect to the internet on my phone

    • Amit says

      Hi Dhritika,
      I am facing problem in connecting connectify to my Samsung Ace though followed every step as mentioned above.

      I am using a data card in my win 7,succesfully connected with nokia E63 but G ace is not connecting,showing not in range,adhoc open. pls pls pls help me

  69. Tharindu says

    Great instructions.. works perfectly well with my xperia neo. didnt have to do any settings manually though. every thing was automatic.

  70. John S says

    There is some confusion…What do you mean when you say enter desired ip address????
    Its not working out for me…Plz help

    Samsung Galaxy S

  71. says

    Used this guide today (2011-09-09) with Virtual Router, worked seamlessly without the need to set static IPs on either of the devices (no zeroconf either, both IPs under subnet

    - ASUS A42F/K42F Notebook
    - Windows 7 Home Basic
    - Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (Built-in)
    - Samsung Galaxy SII (GT-I9100); Android Gingerbread 2.3.3

    Thanks for the instructions :) You’re a life saver!

  72. Sumit says

    Whenever I tried connecting my android device with Connectify it would show “obtaining IP address” and disconnect.
    Your solution has helped me to overcome this. I used the static IP and it worked for me.

    Thanks a lot for the help :)

  73. Shashi says

    The virtual router is saying-:it cannot be started” !
    Although i am able to connect both my Dell Inspiron 15R and my Samsung galaxy Fit.. i am not able to connect to the internet.

    Help !!

  74. subhantan bhowmik says

    How to Share Internet Connection Between PC and samsung Android Phone galaxy ace? if there any other way please tell me with details.

  75. rao says

    i used the virtual router and it connects…. but i still cant browse the net… atatic IP all has been set as said…. using SE X8

  76. Graham says

    Hi, I am a bit of a newbie at this and couldnt find where to get all the details. I installed Virtual Router but got ‘Virtual router could not be started’so I found this page:

    That got Virtual Router to start and to show up on both the Galaxy S2 and PC’s Virtaul Router (Win7) but the PC says could not find Ip address. I could not all the info in your instructions – where do you get IP address etc etc. Thanks so much , cheers Graham

      • Graham says

        Thanks so much for taking the time to answer and help me. I’m using a Galaxy S2 and Win 7 Asus 1015 netbook. Installed the latest version of Connectify and figured out all the settings using the Static IP (didnt work), then tried unticking Static Ip. It says connecting, then either goes to disconnecting or remembered. The Connectify hotspot seems to be running – it says ‘stop hotspot’ so I guess it is running. Cheers, Graham

  77. buythismobile says

    Want to connect Android mobile to laptop internet by USB cable


    Do you have any definitive reply about connecting your phone to internet through USB ?

    My laptop is using a Wifi that needs USER and PASSWORD to login, and I cannot login on laptop and phone at the same time (only one user can be connected).


  78. Alt says

    Nice! It worked on Samsung Galaxy S2 GT 9100 and Dell Inspiron 1464 laptop with Windows 7 32-bit, pppoe dial-up internet connection, Virtual router.

  79. Sonky says


    i followed your tutorial and my Samsasung galaxy s2 connected to my laptop.
    But i dont have internet on my phone. i mean , the connection is there but my phone cant go into the internet.

    Please help!

  80. samson says

    Hi all,

    Im using xperia arc and i successfully connected to the wifi but it seems like the line is a bit weird where i cant load a thing in my smartphone. Why is that anyone please help.

  81. Jigar says


    I installed virtual router manager. I am unable to find the connection names in drop down field “Shared Connection:”. Can anyone please advice?

  82. Kumar Raja says

    I have tried the tutorial using both software’s but could not succeed. My mobile is LG optimus P500.
    In “Virtual Router” case the mobile is connecting but when i browse the internet it is saying “could not connect,check ur network settings”.

    In “Connectify” case ,in the networks it is showing “No network access” .

    Please help me

  83. majid says

    ive downloaded the latest version of connectify, but my htc desire z still didnt connect to the connectify hotspot. so i set everything according to the tutorial. now it keeps say obtaining ip address and then it disconnects and this happens over and over again, plz help :(

    • says

      Hi magesh, that’s great. Maybe you can share what you’ve done with others here, so many people having problem with connectifiy and xperia (and other device also)..

  84. madhur says

    Maghesh i hav the same handset xperia mini..and i connect my lappy with my phone throgh connectify bt unable to browse the internet..plzz help me

  85. Bythea says

    ive tried my newly bought xperia x8 with connectify but it connects for like 5 minutes, i can go onto android market and start doenloading, but then it disconnects, then after a minute or three it connects again and then disconnects.i read on forums tht either the x8 wifi has a prob or its xperia. ive tried installing virtual router but it starts them immediately stops till i start it again.
    connectify works great on my ipod and ps3 so i dont know what the prob is. could it be the android version 2.1 causing the issues?

  86. anand says

    when i install Connectify it block my broadband connect using local area connection and causing error 651.
    plzz help

  87. koolk198 says

    hey lorenz
    i am using tinona lan connection to my win 7 laptop i have tried connectify but didnt connect then i used virtual router it connected to my samsung galaxy s2 but and i also did the sharing on my pc lan connection then the wireless 2 connection which is the virtual connection in mysystem showed internet access but my phone does not connect to internet plz help .. one more confusing mattter is when i clicked the details of wireless connection 2 it shows two ip4 addresses one showing and the oter showing this second one is also shown in my phone… i even tried static ip as said above but to no avail plz help desperate to connect my phone as tru wifi as there is no reverse usb tethering on sgs2 .. thanks in advance

      • koolk198 says

        finally 30 days i spent behind it and all that was needed was to disable my firewall. how stupid of me..’
        thank u lorenz it worked..
        for others
        just for info
        i am using sgs2
        and win 7 on pc
        tikona isp
        virtual router manager worked like charm.
        no setting needed no need for static ip let ur phone connect it thru automatic ip
        .also dont forget to switch on ur sharing option on ur lan connection

  88. abhishek says

    i have window xp-2 OS.and internet using by high speed data card.i want to share this internet connection with my smartphone via wi-fi.please give me solution of it.

  89. bacizone says

    I see the Win7 solution everywhere (as Win 7 natively supports it), however I’d still like to make an access point from my older Dell laptop running Win XP SP3.

    Hi, is there any solution for Windows XP SP3 or similar?

  90. soham says

    I have samsung galaxy fit and acer aspire one laptop. my phone connects to WiFi using connectify 3.1 . it shows excellent strength and all but inspite of this the net is not working no site is loading whats the problem?
    when i use virtual router it says “Virtual router could not be started!”

    • koolk198 says

      hi soham
      i had similar problem previously.
      but now my connection is working what i discovered is connectify needs a lot of tweeking but virtual router has no configuring just install and vala it works with the above mentioned steps. abut virtual souter not staring i had this problem also just re install it it will work. also disable ur firewall or this option worked for me just go to firewall settings in ur antivirus or firewall and click allow net sharing, this is in addition to the the net sharing u would do in the lan adapter settings.

  91. Myth says

    I am trying to connect Dell Inspiron with Samsung Galaxy Fit thru Virtual Router and it got connected. But i am not able to use internet. Anyone has solution for this?

  92. Myth says

    I am trying to connect Dell Inspiron with Samsung Galaxy Fit thru Virtual Router and it got successfully connected but i am not able to use internet. Anyone has solution for this?

    • dinn says

      hi myth,
      just do one more try by downloading a software called “internet connection manager” from samsung website…. compatible to GP-c3303….which is also compatible for samsung galaxy fit. then install it n u will b able to use internet. i hope this will solve ur problem..

  93. Back2Nature says

    I am trying to do reverse tethering. Windows 7 on notebook, tried connectify w/o success because free version doesn’t support mobile broadband, successfully using both virtual router online setup and mhotspot. However, I only managed to sync emails, logon to fring, skype, gtalk, etc, but cannot surf internet using browsers. What’s the issue and how to remedy?

    Was trying to use static IP but can’t enter the DNS shown, which are:

  94. freeman says

    Connectify is very good. Two minutes and connection was made in my dell laptop and samsung galaxy ace has now wifi connection. Super good info!!!

  95. sudeep says

    my samsung galaxy tab does not have “use static ip address” button.please help. my tab is wifi only and it is useless without an ad-hoc connection from my laptop. additionally my internet connection comes through proxy and i think there are more problems to come in future.

  96. mo0nwand says

    Hi. Im really interested in using my computer’s internet for my android phone.. First tried Virtual Router Manager, but when I click “Start Virtual Router”, I would get a message “Virtual Router Could Not Be Started”. So I tried Connectify, but it only crashes my comp when I try to click start. :( Why won’t atleast Virtual R.M. start? :(

  97. Ravi says


    I used connecitfy to connect the wifi to my android 2.3 device. The phone displays the wifi network but could not connect with it.
    I used your tip of static ip also but it is not useful.

    However, I successfully connected my other lap top with the connectify wifi hot spot.

    Can you please help me on this.. is there any software we can load to the android phone to detect the correct ip address to connect with the adhoc network.

  98. Rooney says

    Hello buddy!!!

    I have did all the steps as like you. but nothing turns positive result.I have a doubt. Can i use DNS 1 as & DNS 2 as as default? or should i enter both DNS value as in cmd.
    After all filling up the “use static ip” tab i just turn on my wifi and clicked start hotspot.. wifi is always saying scanning scanning scanning .. nothing happens.. for a second it says successful and next second it says disconnected.. Please help me I’m not so good in computer stuff. i beg u pls help i want to succeed

    Thank u

  99. Guilherme Miyamoto says

    Hi lorenz,

    I’m using Windows Mobile 6.5 as router for a Android Tablet. If Connectify works only in Win7, do you know another method to do this?


  100. Vanessa says


    Can you help me fix my problem? I want to set a Wifi connection on my laptop so I can use the wifi connection on my Samsung Galaxy Y. Please help me.. Could send your answer to my email address? Thank you!

  101. Andy says

    Hi, I did all the steps and some configuration on to make Virtual Router work. I am able to connect my Tablet with Android 2.2 successfully, but not able to access the internet on my tablet. can you please help to resolve?
    Thanks in advance,

  102. says

    help when i click start virtual router…it said virtual router could not start …when i disable firewall virtual router keep crashing…and making it worse…i am using window 7 home premium 64 bit build 76100 sp 1 i am using XPERIA X8 ..Thank you in advance

  103. Vongsawat says

    Thanks, works perfectly.

    For the guys who can’t start virtual router, try simply restarting, atleast that worked for me.

    Also, don’t know why but I didn’t have to configure my android phone at all to get this to work =)

  104. GioGal says

    Thanx. Works perfectly with Galaxy Gio, no need for static IP or any other settings on mobile. Just remember to turn wifi adapter on..!

  105. rain says

    i install connectify and it shared my smart bro internet but my samsung galaxy y gt-s5360 cant locate the network. somebody please help me….

  106. Anil says

    hi i am from s. korea, i used virtual router and i got successfully connected with wifi but there was no internet connection. i am using sky mobile set with android O.S. can you please help me out i did try every steps mentioned above,

  107. says

    Hi, I tested both Connectify and virtual router in my laptop windows 7 to my java phone are working fine, simple solution, before install, you have to check RTL drivers in your laptop it is compatable or not,,, that’s it..,..

  108. Martin .S says

    Hey I have have Samsung Spica : GT-I5700

    And I was just wondering if that was enable to use this program or if it’s to Old

    Please help me as fast as Possible if you can Thanks. :)

    • says

      Rahul ,there is no need of using any software. You can do it without any application. This can be done only with the help of microsoft inbuild commands from command prompt. If you are using windows 7, then follow the steps described in this link.
      Hope this would help.

  109. taha says

    NOT working for SGS2 i done all steps but when i try to open my phone browser it just keeps trig for long time then it shows page could not be found error any help would be really asome cuz i dont wanna Root my phone

    • says

      There is no need of either rooting your phone or using any software. You can do it without any application. This can be done only with the help of microsoft inbuild commands from command prompt. If you are using windows 7, then follow the steps described in this link.
      Hope this would help.

  110. wake n bake says

    Thanks worked for me i am using
    LG Optimus 3D
    First didnt worked but the i disabled firewall
    Again big thanks

  111. Joyraj says

    i have connected in my galaxy y but it dosen’t connect to the internet. it shows on the browser that webpage not available.

  112. says

    When I try to connect the virtual router it says virtual router could not be start the wireless network in windows server 2008 R2 laptop is there any drivers to be downloaded with virtual router to get the wireless connection from the laptop broadband connection.Is there any such thing?

  113. Kamran Aslam says

    i have connected in my galaxy y but it dosen’t connect to the internet. it shows on the browser that webpage not available.

  114. Kamran Aslam says

    i also have connected in my galaxy y but it dosen’t connect to the internet. it shows on the browser that webpage not available. please help me as soon as possible.

  115. says

    Thanks Brother for the android setting part…
    I don’t use windows on my PC.
    did ip settings on my device… created a portable wi-fi network and simply connected using my PC (it has ubuntu 11.10 installed right now) and the best thing is that i am commenting using my PC!!!

  116. kaustubh says

    for all those who can connect to wifi but not internet, turn on the internet sharing option on your broadband connection and select wireless network connection 2…it sure will work

    • Shammi says

      No, I have done exactly that but it is not working. ON SGS2 internet does not work, but at the moment of connection some downloads do happen, this means it gets connected and then is getting disconnected.

      • kaustubh says

        step 1. disable your firewall
        step 2. unchecked everything from wireless network connection 2 except for internet protocol version 4
        step3. disconnect your broadband and go to proprieties and select from sharing tab in home networking conections “wireless network connection 2″
        step4. connect broadband
        step5. it might not show internet connectivity for the wireless connection 2 but check for internet on your phone
        Tell me if it working, it worked for me

  117. Tam says

    I tried setting the sharing for my Local Connection to Wireless Connection 2. The name of my wireless network shows up but it says no network access. I even tried many other wifi software like Connectify and manually using the cmd but still nothing. Any suggestions?

  118. krmanj says

    thankyou . the VirtualWiFiRouter_2.0.1.5 is worked .
    thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou

    • says

      I thing if you install virtual reuter and connectify it will be conflict.
      the virtual reuter will no longer work.

      but it can be redo with windows recovery and recover from previous time before you install them.

  119. bleh says

    my virtual router used to work before but now it doesnt..
    Virtual router beta has stopped workingg.

    any help would be awesome.

  120. Soham says

    Virtual Router is working fine….Getting the wifi connection b/w phone and Laptop, But only google search is working no other website is opening on phone.Every webite or web based application throws up the error that “web page is not available”
    PLz help

    Disabled all firewalls…..
    No change….

  121. Sherif says

    HI ,
    if you are connected to the internet through proxy put the proxy IP and port in settings–> wifi — >advanced–> proxy

  122. says

    Thanks for this great post. I didn’t have to enter any of the IP settings. I just connected straight to the virtual router wi-fi connection entered the password and i’m good to go.
    Using a custom rom on galaxy s2

  123. Alejandro Piad says

    I have an internet connection on the PC that requires a proxy. How can I hide the proxy to my tablet? Is it even possible, or is there another approach?

  124. Elizabeth says

    worked like a charm. now i can watch futurama in bed without buying a wireless router. XD you are the coolest guy ever.

  125. Mahi says

    Iam using USB device internet. After installing virtual driver in my pc shared connection option is not available.Please help me on this

  126. sunnu says

    my notebook has intel4965agn wifi card.Unfortunately it doesnt support access point on win i have to run with ad hoc mode.also i’m using nexus(jelly bean 4.1.1) and cant see ad hoc connections.any solution didnt worked (ad hoc enabler software or wpa supplicant etc.).is there any way for using connections on ad hoc mode with my phone ???

  127. says

    There is no need of using any software. You can do it without any application. This can be done only with the help of microsoft inbuild commands from command prompt. If you are using windows 7, then follow the steps described in this link.
    Hope this would help.

  128. Srikanth says

    Hi Vengatesh,

    Could you please mail me the step by step procedure for getting connection to internet using PC internet on my Sony Ericsson Neo V.
    I have tried a lot on my Windows 7 (Dell 1390 Wireless Card) using both Virtual Router and as well as Connectify but was not success.


  129. r says

    I connect wifi on my android phone.In mobile it shows wifi connected to my pc.but on mobile internet is not connected.on pc it is connected.

  130. SUNNY says

    i can connect to my lappy using my other lappy on which VR is installed n access internet and i can connect to my galaxy s plus too but can use internet for fraction of minutes and stops receiving packets. any help guys?

  131. sairam says

    i am having problems with the virtual router and connectify . iam having sony ericsson xperia neo v it just connects and then disconnects from the network …. .. .every time it does like that…
    any suggestions that would be very greatfull

  132. says

    Hi bros,

    I’ve used command lines to create the Wifi hotspot in Windows and I’ve connected to it from Android successfully but I still couldn’t get the internet access. I tried disabling all firewalls, antivirus softwares… but no luck at all.

  133. says

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  135. Rohan says

    hey, i have internet on my pc, and i want to use that on my android phone (4.0.4 ICS). i dont have wifi in my pc, so i m going to buy USB WIFI LAN.
    my question is, it is possible to share my PC INTERNET on PHONE, with this USB WIFI LAN,
    or this usb wifi adapters are only for receiving signals, not sharing pc net..
    please clarify me i m just confused,,, and i dont want to waste money on wifi routers. i just want cheapest wifi solution to use PC Broadband internet on phone.,
    help me, waiting for reply !

  136. TURK says

    am using samsung galaxy pocket and i used connectify but ma phone can’t even detect the hotspot i created with connectify.

  137. tero bau says

    Virtual router works well for like 5-10 minutes in my android device and then I need to stop and restart the hotspot, do you know what is causing this problem? Its annoying as hell.

  138. says

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  142. CBA says





  143. says


    Make sure you choose the correct Internet connection on ‘Internet’ option menu on Connectify. Or try to disconnect then kill the process and start it again. I also have the same problem, sometimes it get connected and sometimes not. Just kill and restart the connectify process.

  144. CBA says

    I have tried, but not working.

    My LAN IP is

    The Subnet is

    The Gateway is

    DNS1 is
    DNS2 is

    Now what config is need to do in Android to catch the internet.

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