How to Use Facebook SDK to Post Status From Android

One of the common features on current mobile application is the ability to share content on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Most of the large social media provide API to enable developers to integrate third party application with their service. Facebook as the largest social media has a very well designed API and available to many programming languages.

Facebook has an official SDK for Android platform that can be used easily by developers to integrate their application. In this tutorial, i’ll explain how to use Facebook SDK for Android to post status to Facebook wall from an Android application. I have written similar tutorial for Twitter to show how to post status to Twitter from Android and for Foursquare to show how to connect and use Foursquare API on Android.

I. Register Facebook Application

To enable user to post status to Facebook, first you have to create a Facebook application:

  • Login to Facebook and go to Facebook Developer page then register your application by clicking the Create New App button on top right of the page.
    Create New Facebook App
  • Fill the App Name with your application name.
    Facebook Create New App
  • Note the App ID, we will use it later on Android code. Note that you don’t have to select how app integrate with Facebook option, just click the Save Changes button.
    Facebook App Setting

II. Android Integration

To integrate Facebook with Android, you can use official Facebook SDK for Android that can be downloaded from github page. For sample project in this tutorial, i use old version of Facebook SDK downloaded from the github page with some small modification. If you want to use the latest version, just download the SDK from the link above.

Facebook Android SDK

In my sample project, i create two packages, one for Facebook SDK and the other for application main package.

Code implementation

1. Facebook Connection (

This example shows how to connect to Facebook, display webview dialog to authorize user then save the access token and username on shared preference for later use.

public class TestConnect extends Activity {
	private Facebook mFacebook;
	private CheckBox mFacebookBtn;
	private ProgressDialog mProgress;

	private static final String[] PERMISSIONS = new String[] {"publish_stream", "read_stream", "offline_access"};

	private static final String APP_ID = "*****app id ******";

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


        mFacebookBtn	= (CheckBox) findViewById(;

        mProgress		= new ProgressDialog(this);
        mFacebook		= new Facebook(APP_ID);

        SessionStore.restore(mFacebook, this);

        if (mFacebook.isSessionValid()) {

			String name = SessionStore.getName(this);
			name		= (name.equals("")) ? "Unknown" : name;

			mFacebookBtn.setText("  Facebook (" + name + ")");

        mFacebookBtn.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
			public void onClick(View v) {

        ((Button) findViewById( OnClickListener() {
			public void onClick(View v) {
				startActivity(new Intent(TestConnect.this, TestPost.class));

    private void onFacebookClick() {
		if (mFacebook.isSessionValid()) {
			final AlertDialog.Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);

			builder.setMessage("Delete current Facebook connection?")
			       .setPositiveButton("Yes", new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
			           public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int id) {
			       .setNegativeButton("No", new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
			           public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int id) {


			final AlertDialog alert = builder.create();;
		} else {

			mFacebook.authorize(this, PERMISSIONS, -1, new FbLoginDialogListener());

    private final class FbLoginDialogListener implements DialogListener {
        public void onComplete(Bundle values) {
  , TestConnect.this);

            mFacebookBtn.setText("  Facebook (No Name)");


        public void onFacebookError(FacebookError error) {
           Toast.makeText(TestConnect.this, "Facebook connection failed", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();


        public void onError(DialogError error) {
        	Toast.makeText(TestConnect.this, "Facebook connection failed", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();


        public void onCancel() {

	private void getFbName() {
		mProgress.setMessage("Finalizing ...");;

		new Thread() {
			public void run() {
		        String name = "";
		        int what = 1;

		        try {
		        	String me = mFacebook.request("me");

		        	JSONObject jsonObj = (JSONObject) new JSONTokener(me).nextValue();
		        	name = jsonObj.getString("name");
		        	what = 0;
		        } catch (Exception ex) {

		        mFbHandler.sendMessage(mFbHandler.obtainMessage(what, name));

	private void fbLogout() {
		mProgress.setMessage("Disconnecting from Facebook");;

		new Thread() {
			public void run() {

				int what = 1;

		        try {

		        	what = 0;
		        } catch (Exception ex) {


	private Handler mFbHandler = new Handler() {
		public void handleMessage(Message msg) {

			if (msg.what == 0) {
				String username = (String) msg.obj;
		        username = (username.equals("")) ? "No Name" : username;

		        SessionStore.saveName(username, TestConnect.this);

		        mFacebookBtn.setText("  Facebook (" + username + ")");

		        Toast.makeText(TestConnect.this, "Connected to Facebook as " + username, Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
			} else {
				Toast.makeText(TestConnect.this, "Connected to Facebook", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

	private Handler mHandler = new Handler() {
		public void handleMessage(Message msg) {

			if (msg.what == 1) {
				Toast.makeText(TestConnect.this, "Facebook logout failed", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
			} else {
	        	mFacebookBtn.setText("  Facebook (Not connected)");

				Toast.makeText(TestConnect.this, "Disconnected from Facebook", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

line 6: Define the Facebook permission list, publish_stream, read_stream, and offline_access is enough to enable Android app to write status on Facebook wall. If you want more permissions, just add them into the PERMISSIONS array.

line 8:  Set the Facebook application id, use the App ID from Facebook application settings page as described above.

line 19:  Instantiate the Facebook class with APP_ID as the parameter. Facebook class is the main class for interacting with Facebook API endpoint.

line 23: Check if user has been authenticated before. Method isSessionValid is used to check if there is already access token saved on preference file. If user has been successfully authenticated, the access token and the name of authenticated user will be saved on preference file. The name of preference file is defined within SessionStore class on KEY variable. You can change the name of preference file as you want.

line 33+48: Check if user has been authenticated, if yes, display the confirmation dialog to log out from current session (also delete the access token from preference file). If not, display the authentication dialog (webview dialog).

line 77: Define the listener for authentication dialog and override the four methods to handle four different events: onComplete: is called when user successfully authenticated, here we save the access token to preference file (line 79), onFacebookError: is called when there is an error while authenticating user, onError: is called when there is an error on dialog and the last is onCancel: is called when user cancel the dialog.

facebook sdk android facebook sdk android

2. Post Status (

This example shows how to post status to Facebook wall.

public class TestPost extends Activity{
	private Facebook mFacebook;
	private CheckBox mFacebookCb;
	private ProgressDialog mProgress;

	private Handler mRunOnUi = new Handler();

	private static final String APP_ID = "*** put app id here";

	protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


		final EditText reviewEdit = (EditText) findViewById(;
		mFacebookCb				  = (CheckBox) findViewById(;

		mProgress	= new ProgressDialog(this);

		mFacebook 	= new Facebook(APP_ID);

		SessionStore.restore(mFacebook, this);

		if (mFacebook.isSessionValid()) {

			String name = SessionStore.getName(this);
			name		= (name.equals("")) ? "Unknown" : name;

			mFacebookCb.setText("  Facebook  (" + name + ")");

		((Button) findViewById( OnClickListener() {
			public void onClick(View v) {
				String review = reviewEdit.getText().toString();

				if (review.equals("")) return;

				if (mFacebookCb.isChecked()) postToFacebook(review);

	private void postToFacebook(String review) {
		mProgress.setMessage("Posting ...");;

		AsyncFacebookRunner mAsyncFbRunner = new AsyncFacebookRunner(mFacebook);

		Bundle params = new Bundle();

		params.putString("message", review);
		params.putString("name", "Dexter");
		params.putString("caption", "");
		params.putString("link", "");
		params.putString("description", "Dexter, seven years old dachshund who loves to catch cats, eat carrot and krupuk");
		params.putString("picture", "");

		mAsyncFbRunner.request("me/feed", params, "POST", new WallPostListener());

	private final class WallPostListener extends BaseRequestListener {
        public void onComplete(final String response) { Runnable() {
        		public void run() {

        			Toast.makeText(TestPost.this, "Posted to Facebook", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

line 46: Instantiate the Facebook asynchronous thread that will be used to send status to Facebook.
line 52: Use Bundle as data wrapper to send data
line 54: message, is  the Facebook status message
line 55: name, is the link title
line 56: caption, is the caption text below the link
line 57: link, is the link to go when user clicks on the title
line 58: description, is the desciption text below the caption
line 59: picture, is the image link. The image will be displayed on the left of description
line 61: post the status to facebook. me/feed parameter means the status will be posted on current authenticated user’s wall. WallPostListener is the listener to be called when the asynchronous thread finished sending the post to Facebook.

facebook post status android

facebook wall android

Facebook Wall

You can download  the source code on my github page

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