Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica Android 2.1 Flashing Guide

This is a complete guide to flash (upgrade) your Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica to Android 2.1 (firmware EXXJCE (March 2010)). I have tested it on my own Spica with firmware version DXIL1 and two of my friends with firmware version DXJA1 and it really worked. You can use this guide to upgrade your Spica at your own risk and don’t blame me if you turn out your Spica into a bricked device :-).

(This guide has been updated on 07 May 2010, find it at the bottom of this post)

MULTITOUCH now is enabled on Spica, check the guide on how to enable it here

What you need:

Alternative download links (Mydropbox, ads free, direct download) (Big thanx to Yousef):

Note for I5700 driver:

If windows doesn’t detect the phone in download mode, disconnect the phone & try to uninstall pc studio or kies then reboot. Reinstall pc studio or kies then connect the phone (you may also remove & insert the battery before connecting the phone).

Before start checklist:

  • Check your firmware using *#1234#
  • Backup your data (contacts, sms, etc)
  • Ensure that your phone battery power is sufficient
  • Release the SIM lock (check SIM lock status using *#7465625#)
  • Extract all required files into a folder (those files will be: –> I570EXXJCE.tar; Odin_v4.03_spica_jc3_ops.rar –> Odin Multi Downloader v4.03.exe, spica_jc3.ops; jb4_bootloader.rar –> I570EXXJA1_CLI32638_Bootloader.tar, I570XXJB4_Phone.tar; I570EOLBJB3-CSC-CL167487-OLB.tar).
  • Shutdown or disable  Antivirus and Samsung PC Studio if any.

How to flash:


    1. Shutdown your phone and remove the SIM Card and SDCard.
    2. Press volume down + power button + camera to put the phone into download mode.
Spica Download Mode

Spica Download Mode

    1. Connect the phone to PC using USB cable. You can check the connection in Windows device manager, make sure that your phone is properly detected by Windows like picture below
Windows Device Manager

Windows Device Manager

  1. Run the Odin Multi Download v4.03.exe. If your phone is properly detected, the Com Port Mapping field should be in yellow background.

Flash I

    1. Select spica_jc3.ops into Select OPS field
    2. Select I570EXXJCE.tar into Selet Integrate Package – Choose One Package Option field
    3. Tick the One Package option
    4. Click Start to start flashing. The timer and progress bar aboveCOM Port Mapping field should start . If the progress bar doesn’t start but the timer continue to run , close Odin and disconnect the phone from PC. Remove and insert the battery and start the phone in download mode again, then run Odin.
    5. Wait until PASS message appear in Message box and the progress bar box turns into blue.
    6. At this step, you may get the flashing seems to be failed, and you’ll see exclamation mark appears like image shown below. Don’t worry, this is not the end of your spica, close the Odin and disconnect the phone from PC.

    1. Remove and insert the battery, start the phone in download mode then run  Odin again and follow the steps in Flash II.
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Note: If you already get Eclair on this stage, skip the Flash II & III.

Flash II

    1. Keep spica_jc3.ops in Select OPS field.
    2. Click Reset Files to clear the fields.
    3. In Select Images to download panel, Select I570EXXJA1_CLI32638_Bootloader.tarinto BOOT field,I570XXJB4_Phone.tar into PHONE field,  I570EOLBJB3-CSC-CL167487-OLB.tar into CSA field, and let the PDAfieldempty.
    4. In Debug Option panel, tick  Debug Only and PDA Format option. Don’t tick One Package option in Option Panel.
    5. Click Start and watch the progress bar and timer, wait untill PASS message appear on Message box.
    6. Disconect the phone from PC, remove and insert the battery, start the phone in download mode again then continue to Flash III.
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Flash III

    1. Keep spica_jc3.ops in Select OPS field.
    2. Click Reset Files to clean the fields.
    3. In Select Images to download panel, Select I570EXXJCE.tar into PDA field.
    4. If you get an error dialog, rename the I570EXXJCE.tar into I570EXXJCE_PDA.tar and insert into PDA field again.
    5. Don’t select One Package option and Debug Option.
    6. Click Start and watch the progress bar and timer, wait untill PASS message appear on Message box.
    7. The phone will restart and you will get the Eclair screen :-).
Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Now you have the new Eclair in your Spica, but wait, firmare EXXJCE is french firmware, so you’ll get your Spica language in French, to change the language, enter paramètres menu at bottom corner then choose Paramètres de langue then Langue et règion and select your language.

Rooting Your New Eclair

In some cases, you may need your Spica to be rooted in order to install some applications like shootme, my favourite screen capture application. This is just optional, you don’t have to follow this step. I use  LkMod v2.5.1 by Leshak that based on EXXJCE firmware to get my Spica rooted and get some additional features like live wallpaper and custom logo while booting my Spica.

LkMod 2.5.1 features:

  • New phone.apk (from xdadev)
  • Helixlauncher as default home (can be switched with default Pantheon)
  • Live wallpaper
  • Root (su)
  • Busybox
  • Remount
  • fdump for backup
  • Custom logo

What you need:

Create your custom logo (Optional)

Default logo comes with LkMod can be replaced with your own logo, you can replace the logo with your own using Photoshop or other image manipulating software.

How to change the logo:

    1. Install the GNU tar for windows, default location is on C:\Program Files\GnuWin32
    2. Extract LkMod-2_5_1-PDA.7z and you’ll get  LkMod-2_5_1-PDA.tar
    3. Extract LkMod-2_5_1-PDA.tar and you’ll get four files: cache.rfs, datafs.rfs, logo.png and zImage.
    4. Create your own logo with 320×480 size and PNG file type. Warning: The size of logo file must be between  30-40 kb or the phone will never be able to boot!!.
    5. Save as logo.png and replace the default logo.png
    6. Package the four files using GNU tar command line program

>C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\tar -cvf LkMod-2_5_1-PDA.tar cache.rfs datafs.rfs logo.png zImage

  1. You’ll get your own LkMod with your own custom logo (LkMod-2_5_1-PDA.tar)

How to flash

  1. Select spica_jc3.ops in Select OPS field.
  2. Click Reset Files to clean the fields.
  3. In Select Images to download panel, Select LkMod-2_5_1-PDA.tar into PDA field.
  4. Don’t select One Package option and Debug Option.
  5. Click Start and watch the progress bar and timer, wait untill PASS message appear on Message box.
  6. The phone will restart and you will get the rooted Eclair with helixlauncher default home.

Usefull information about Samsung Firmware

XA = Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK
XB = Denmark, Norway, Sweden
XC = Portugal, Spain
XD = Croatia, Czech, Hungary, Slovakia
XE = Bulgaria, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine
XF = Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania
XP = Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polski, Portuguese, Turkish
XW = UK, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland
XX = Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

DD = India
DX = Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam
ZC = China, Hong Kong
ZH = Hong Kong

Code = Year – Month
A = 2001 – January
B = 2002 – February
C = 2003 – March
D = 2004 – April
E = 2005 – May
F = 2006 – June
G = 2007 – July
H = 2008 – August
I = 2009 – September
J = 2010 – October
K = 2011 – Novermber
L = 2012 – December


My Spica has firmware version I5700DXIL1
DX = Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam
I = 2009
L = December
1 = Version

Update May 17, 2010

1. DXJC4 (Asia) Firmware

If you have flashed to JCE and want to reflash it to DXJC4, flash with DXJB3 first (complete package) using Sameer’s guide than flash to DXJC4 as one package.

2. EXXJD1+ Lk2.02 modd

If you are using JCE and want to upgrade to JD1, flash JD1 (complete package) using Sameer’s guide and then apply Leshak’s Lk2.02 mod.

3. F0r Indonesian users that use Europe firmware (jce,jcf,jd1), to overcome problem with 3 and im2 simcard:

- For rooted device without Lk2.02:

  • Download
  • Using ADB tool:
  • adb push /sdcard
  • adb shell
  • #mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
  • #cp /system/lib/ /sdcard/ (backup)
  • #cp /sdcard/ /system/lib
  • #reboot

- For rooted device with Lk2.02 (has recovery tools)

  • Download
  • Using ADB tool:
  • adb push /sdcard
  • adb shell
  • #reboot recovery
  • From recovery menu, choose ‘Apply any zip from SD’
  • Select
  • Press ‘Home’ for confirm
  • Reboot

4. Install Nexus One boot animation (win 7 style)

Nexus one boot animation file ( was taken from Leshak’s samdroid mod

- For rooted device without Lk2.02

  • Download
  • Using ADB tool:
  • adb push /sdcard
  • adb shell
  • #mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
  • #cp /system/media/bootani.qmg /sdcard (backup)
  • #cp /system/etc/poweron.snd /sdcard (backup)
  • #rm /sytsem/etc/poweron.snd
  • #cp /sdcard/ /system/media
  • #reboot

- For rooted device with Lk2.02 (has recover tools)

  • Download
  • Using ADB tool:
  • adb push /sdcard
  • adb shell
  • #reboot recovery
  • From recovery menu, choose ‘Apply any zip from SD’
  • Select
  • Press ‘home’ for confirm
  • Reboot

5. Install Samdroid Mod 1.o.3

Samdroid 1.0.3 can be applied to any 2.1 firmwares + lk2.02 installed and has two partitions on sdcard (one should be ext2 partition).

  1. Install Lk2.02 (Ref: samdroid)
    • Download (rapid) | (mydropbox)
    • Copy it to root of sdcard (/sdcard)
    • Download i5700_LK2-02_PDA.tar (rapid) | i5700_LK2-02_PDA.tar (mydropbox)
    • Flash it using odin as PDA file
    • Spica will reboot and enter into recovery mode
    • Select ‘apply any zip from SD’
    • Select then pres’s Home’ to confirm
    • Wait until ‘Install from sd card complete’ appears then reboot
    • Check phone
  2. Apply app2sd (Ref: samdroid)
    • Turn off the phone
    • Press ‘Volume down + Call/Answer + Power’ key to enter into recovery mode OR
    • Using adb shell type ‘reboot recovery’
    • Select ‘Partition sd card’
    • Select the size of partition (256, 384 or 512) then press ‘Home’ to confirm
    • Wait until ‘Format SDCARD complete’ appears then reboot
    • Check phone
  3. Install samdroid (Ref: samdroid)
    • Press ‘Volume down + Call/Answer + Power’ key to enter into recovery mode OR
    • Using adb shell type ‘reboot recovery’
    • Select ‘wipe, choose what’ -> ‘data/cache’
    • Select ‘Apply any zip from SD’ and choose ‘’
    • Press ‘Home’ to confirm
    • It may take a long time for first time booting (it is normal, you’ll see nexus one boot animation)

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  1. Subbu says

    Hi Lorenz,
    Thanks for your writeup.. i did struggle a bit to upgrade especially with the USB driver detection during download . But frequent power down and VolDown+Power+Camera key helped over come this. I downloaded latest NPS and then used Odin to download the firmware in one go.


  2. Kapil says


    Thanks for providing detailed procedures for rooting… Following your instructions, I successfully flashed and installed version 2.1 on my Samsung Galaxy Spica.

    But I do not see Gallery like what you have put up above in the above screenshots. My gallery is the same as that was in version 1.5

    Please tell me how to get gallery like that one of Nexus One (android 2.1) that you have given screenshot of.

  3. Hello says

    Hi, Thanks for the great complete guide. May I ask are all the 3 flash step necessary? Or can I just flash for one time? Secondly I would like to know is the version of 2.1 and mod stable? is there any apn and freezes problem?

    Thank you!

    • says

      Yes, those are necessary,flashing the XXJCE firmware using one package option alone will not work. Yes, eclair + lkmod is stable, i haven’t had any freeze or force close experience so far. The APN is empty, you have to add it manually

      • Hello says

        Thank you for the reply, for step 5 in flash 2, do I need to turn spica into download mode before I click start? or can I say that whenever odin have to transfer files into spica, I’ll have to set my spica into download mode first?

  4. lunaduna says

    I have a problem with the drivers.

    I’m running win7 64bit, when the phone is on I can install the android modem driver.
    But when i disconnect it, and start it in download mode, the driver is no longer recongnized :s

    Anyone had the same problem, and have a solution?

  5. says

    Hi lunaduna,driver for download mode and normal mode (phone is on) is different, and as far as i know, there’s no samsung driver (dwnld mode) for windows 7. CMIIW

    • says

      Hi wyh, EXXJCE is europe firmware so it doesn’t support Chinese, but there is a new Asia firmware (DXJC4) at samsung-firmware site,i haven’t tested it yet. EXXJD1 is the newest europe firmware (april 2010), haven’t test it yet, but some people experience some bugs, and less stable than JCE.

  6. Lee says

    Hi Lorenz,

    I have a big problem….

    I have successfully followed the steps that you have mentioned about the flashing to Eclair…

    I used the phone for maybe 30min and decided to go for the LkMod steps and based on odin it was successful…But my phone is no longer booting now…
    Even if I let it go to download mode it doesn’t respond…Do I have a bricked spica now???? Please help….please…

    • says

      Hi Lee.
      No, it didn’t brick. Try to remove and insert the battery then connect the phone to PC (don’t put it in download mode) so it will be in charging mode) then disconnect the phone and start it. if it doesn’t boot, try to reflash with LKMod again. Hope it helps.

  7. Lee says

    Hi Lorenz,

    I already tried to remove the battery. I have also let it rested for a while. Then, I returned back the battery. But when I try to boot it, nothing is happening. No power or splash screen whatsoever.

    Then I tried to put it in download mode, but still nothing is happening.

    Will reflashing with LKMod work even if it is not in download mode?


    • says

      Hi Lee, have you tried to connect the phone to PC while the phone is off ?did it enter charging mode?
      No, flashing firmware requires your phone must be in download mode.

      • Lee says

        Hi Lorenz,

        Yes, I tried to connect the phone to the PC while it is off. But does not enter to charging mode.

        When I try to enter it to download mode, nothing is happening but it suddenly gets hot. I could feel it when I hold it.

        Thanks a lot for helping me.

        • says

          Hi Lee, could you tell me what did you do when flashing the LKMod?? please tell me more details. I had several failed attempts when flashing the firmware for the first time (try & error), but never had experience like yours.

  8. Lee says

    Hi Lorenz,

    I religiously followed the LKMod. I don’t think I made a mistake on that because the odin printed the \PASSED\ message and turned the progress bar into blue.

    However, I changed the logo.png to my desired image file. But the image file that I used has the same size of 320×480.

    I then repackaged the files. However, I did not use the GnuWinTar to package the file. Instead, I used my linux box here to package since tar is already built-in into that. I also used the correct filename.

    I then proceeded to odin. There was no issue whatsoever during the flashing but after odin finished, nothing was happening or it did not reboot so I decided to disconnect the phone. And this what is now happening….

    Is there any to reflash this again? I’m in despair………..

    • says

      Hi Lee, the phone must be in download mode to flash, but in ur case, the phone won’t enter the download mode, i will look for the solution soon and will inform you once i get it.

      • Lee says

        Hi Lorenz,

        After trying to the following steps, the phone is now entering into charging mode.

        1. Remove battery
        2. Put back battery
        3. connect to charger/usb

        But when I press the power button, nothing is still happening. I then have to remove the battery again just for it to go to charging mode again.

        Anyway, I will just for any feedback from you. Thank you very much for your help.

        • says

          Hi Lee, i think your problem caused by your modified logo.png, the file size must be betwen 30-40 kb or the phone will get trouble on booting. There is no way to flash it back while it cant enter the download mode, I suggest you to fix the phone at your local Samsung Service Center, i’m sure they can fix it.

          • Lee says

            Hi Lorenz,

            Yes, you are right. I carelessly replaced the logo.png file with a 320kb size instead of just the 40kb size. :(

            I already gave my phone to our local samsung service center here. Although I have a bit of doubt if they can easily fix it since the phone is a new model here. They might say that they still don’t have the expertise to fix it.

            Do you think the phone could still be fixed? Do you have an idea of what is needed to be done?

            Thank you very much.

          • says

            Hi Lee, yes i think it could be fixed. Samsung technician should rewrite your ROM again and flash it with new firmware. I hope it will gone well and back to normal.

          • Lee says

            Hi Lorenz,

            The technician informed me that they are not able to flash the phone. They used other ports present in the phone where they could attach their tools and flash the phone. He als informed me that the flashing tool also tries to work on the ROM. But it is still not working. Or maybe he just don’t know how to do it properly. And may not have the tool to rewrite the ROM.

            He is suggesting to replace the board. But I am opposed to this. I have requested for a phone replacement. :)

  9. wu says

    I cannot down load the I570EXXJCE file

    ,but other file all can download ,can you help me ? give me another link …

    thanks !!!

  10. Leon says

    Hi Lorenz

    any advice on how to downgrade back to asian firmware 1.5? i wanna go back to DXJA1

    im from singapore dun wanna risk bricking my phone thx

    nid ur help!! thx

  11. Jun says

    Hi Lorenz,

    My firmware is i5700DAJA1, can it be flashed to your version of 2.1? I bought my phone on our local distributor here in the Philippines.

    I would greatly appreciate your quick response.

      • jun says

        with regards to sameer’s flashing instruction for XXJD1… how do we exactly install the driver files? this is my 1st time to upgrade…

        • jun says

          Hi Lorenz,

          After 6 tries I finally made it! v2.1 is sweet especially the multi-touch encoding, new camera functions, and video player “full screen” option.

          I’m looking for an IP Camera Viewer for Plug and Play cams (Dynamic) for our phone but was not able to find one til now. Do you have any idea where to get one? Robert Chou’s IP Cam Viewer is nice but I think it doesnt work with Plug and Play cams which has Dynamic connections.

          Your help once again will be appreciated.

          • jun says

            by the way, can I use Lkmod with the XXJD1 firmware? And for DXIJ1 firmware, which flashing procedure to use? Yours or Sameer’s?

          • says

            Hi jun,

            Yes, v2.1 is awsome, much different than 1.5. Sorry i have no idea about the IP Cam Viewer, never use it.

            XXJD1 is complete package,it contains four separated files, so you can use Sameer’s guide. LkMod built based on JCE so it is not compatible with JD1, you can use latest Leshak mod (v.LK2.02) . I’m using it right now.

          • jun says

            hello again! A friend asked me to flash his spica to v2.1… (I used sameer’s procedure and JD1 like I did with mine)everything went fine and phone was flashed but the “multi-tap” samsung keyboard did not install. Mine did thought. How to install? His old firmware is DXIJ1. Please advise. thanks.

          • says

            Hi Jun,

            The Samsung keyboard should be installed by default in JD1, have you checked it on keyboard settings (Settings->Language & Keyboard? There must be two keyboard available, “Android Keyboard” and “Samsung Keyboard”. To activate Samsung keyboard,on an edit text (eg, when you type an sms message) long press on it and select input method, choose Samsung keyboard.

          • zarghee says

            Hello Lorenz,

            I’m on the third step FlashIII and here’s what is showing

            Download Start…
            Create File…
            StartThread Detected : 1
            StartThread Detected : 0
            StartThread Detected : 0
            StartThread Detected : 0
            StartThread Detected : 0
            StartThread Detected : 0
            StartThread Detected : 0
            StartThread Detected : 0
            setup connection…
            odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
            Format download..
            setup connection…

            but i don’t see any progress, timer is at 8 mins now. what should I do? please help

          • says

            Hi zarghee,

            Close NPC (usually in system tray) if any and disable antivirus,disconnect the phone from PC, remove and insert the battery and reconnect the phone.

          • Jun says

            I really could not find the Samsung Keyboard after I flashed to v2.1. I flashed 3 times and the samsung keyboard still didn’t install. My spica had it after the flash.

            Anyway to install the samsung keyboard separately?

  12. says

    I want to replaced the logo.png only.

    I try but I can not found the logo.png

    file in my mobile .Do you know where is

    the file .

    • says

      Hi wyh,
      The logo.png can not be replaced directly from the phone, you have to replace it while flashing the firmware or mod kernel (lkmod). The file size must be between 30-40 kb.

  13. Lee says

    Hi Lorenz,

    It is subject for approval. But I have a strong case. My argument to them is that it has only been 7 days since I bought my phone and it already gave up. :)

    It is a good thing for me that they don’t have a way of knowing if a phone has been reflashed already which could void my warranty.

    I will know next week if my phone will be replaced. But for now, back to my old \dumb\ phone again….Drooling for my Spica…

    • says

      Hi Lee,

      I see, i hope you’ll get a new replacement phone:d and next time must be more carefull on changing the boot logo. Some people in other forums had the same problem like you.

  14. Alex says


    I have a question about the 3 flashing ‘sessions’.

    I tried with your files (I570EXXJCE), and after the first flash, I already had 2.1 – and no error screen. I was quite surprised.

    In this case, do I really need to follow the next 2 steps?

    (I’ve flashed I570EXXJC5 – one-file version – just like by sameer’s instructions, and it also worked)

    So.. I was wondering if I need to do the next 2 steps or not :)

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for the tutorial!


    • says

      Hi Alex,

      If you have flashed with other firmware before, the bootloader may already exists so don’t have to follow the next steps. This tutorial has been tested with DXJA1 & DXIL1 firmware. So if you have other firmware version, you may get 2.1 after the first flashing step.

      • Alex says

        Hei Lorenz

        Thanks for the fast reply! That’s some good news!

        I forgot to check my original firmware/bootloader (it was a 1.5)

        I received the phone yesterday evening, and by now I’ve already flashed it about 3 times, successfully (I’ve wasted more time trying the Samsung NPS :) )

        Have a nice day,

        • says

          Hi Alex,
          Flashing the Spica is easy and fun, you can always test the new firmware and keep updated. I never use NPS,always flash my Spica manually, now i’m in XXJD1,better in sound quality and improvement in image quality (in my opinion).

          • Alex says


            Yes, using Odin is not so complicated (maybe a little tricky if you have to go the ’3 flashes’ way :) )

            I’ve flashed JD1 too, from But it’s difficult to say what are the changes (it’s my first android, everything is new)

            Right now I’m just looking for the best apps (for my taste, of course), then probably I’ll try rooting and modding :)


    • says

      Hi iberico,

      In some countries mobile phones are shipped with network provider locks. The firmware is customized and locked for specific operator/network provider. So you have to release the lock before flashing.

  15. zarghee says

    Hello Lorenz

    I’m now on the FLASHIII step and here’s what is showing

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…
    odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
    Format download..
    setup connection…

    but i dont see any progress… timer is on 5mins now

    please help

  16. zarghee says

    Hello Lorenz,

    I’m on the third step FlashIII and here’s what is showing

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    setup connection…
    odin mode.. check plcatform verification.
    Format download..
    setup connection…

    but i don’t see any progress, timer is at 6mins now. what should I do? please help

  17. Lee says

    Hi Lorenz,

    Yes, I would be more careful. Better yet, never change anything.

    Anyway, do you know the solutions that the other people did to fix the logo issue aside from having the phone replaced? :)

  18. Lee says

    Hi Lorenz,

    Do you have an idea on how my phone issue will be solved? I can’t find anything from the other forums.


      • mac says

        thanks for your quick reply..i have one more query..which is more stable and faster, xxjce with lkmod or xxjd1 with lk mod….thanks in advance…and great guide by the way..

          • mac says

            ok then ill just flash back to jce as now ive been in jd1..thank you very much..and more power to your blog..

          • mac says

            hi lorenz one more query…
            is there any mod you know on how to install multi tap keyboard on xxjce? thanks…

          • mac says

            hi lorenz
            thank you very very much that solves all my problem as of now my spica feels like a new device minus the high price tag..i hope samsung will keep their promise about the official update..i hope it reaches me until i change my phone..

            do you have any idea on where is the official update is? im here in the philippines….thanks

          • says

            Hi mac,

            All firmwares in are samsung’s official firmware.
            In my country, the update has been available since mid-April (DXJC4).Official DXJC4 firmware (for singapore, malaysia, indonesia, philipines) also available at samsung-firmware. I’ve already tested it but it was slightly slower than jce, so i never bring my phone to samsung center to get the offical update :-)

            To use default homescreen (Pantheon), you don’t have to remove the lkmod. Press Home button and choose Pantheon on homescreen switcher. But if the switcher doesn’t exists, you can use adb command interface “phome”. But if you want to reflash it, just use the pda file (flash III).

          • mac says

            hi lorenz,
            \what do you mean by adb command interface “phome”? im not familiar with that…and based in your experience, does xxjce run smoother without lkmod? i just thought that the live wall papers and the 3d gallery makes the firmware laggy at times….

          • says

            Hi mac,

            Adb is a tool from android sdk that you can use to communicate with android phone using command line interface. To use it, you have to download android sdk and install it. Then go to sdkdirectory/tools, using windows CMD program type “adb shell” to get into android shell, then type “phome” to activate Pantheon.

            jce with or without lkmod doesn’t make any difference in speed. Samsung’s Pantheon launcher is sluggish, so its better to use helixlauncher :-). Live wallpaper & 3d gallery will not make the firmware laggy until you using it. So don’t use them if you don’t need them.

          • mac says

            hi lorenz,
            thank you for your quick reply..thanks for explaining adb as of now jce is the best firmware for spica regarding android 2.1? thank you….

          • mac says

            hi lorenz,
            thanks a lot..if it will not make my spica faster ill just let helix launcher my default launcher…it could have been better if it was the 3d launcher on nexus one..that would be great…

          • says

            Hi mac,

            Yes.. 3d launcher on N1 is cool, but there is a new version of helixlauncher (v2), still in beta version,more features added there :-d

          • mac says

            hi lorenz,
            yeah i already tried that version from the market but it fc on my spica..i dont know but i think spica isnt ready for android 2.1 cause for me its laggy..maybe ill just downgrade back to 1.5 cause back there no problems occurred..ill just find a way on how to root the bluetooth..

            for me ill be better off with a lag-free android 1.5 than with the eclair which doesnt run as smooth as 1.5..i hope samsung tweaks the firmwares more to be more optimized for the low ram onboard the spica i mean dont get me wrong but a fast processor will not perform well with a low system ram..but if samsung finds a way to optimize it more maybe well see..

            anyway this is a nice blog, its my first time on flashing an android device and guide like this really helps..thank you lorenz and i hope all turns well…

          • says

            Hi mac,

            Maybe you’re right, but in my experience, using the JCE firmware with helixlauncher is more smooth and faster than cupcake. Btw we just hope Samsung will make more improvements on their next firmware, more stable, smooth and fast for the low ram device.

            Anyway, there are two big problems in cupcake for me, the non existence of market and it’s really sluggish to type on landscape mode. :-)

          • mac says

            hi lorenz,
            yeah i agree about the having problems on downgrading back to 1.5? i downloaded firmwares from samsung firmware and the one i downloaded is a one package am i gonna flash it with my spica?hope you can help me…

          • says

            hi mac,

            did you download DXJA1 firmware? that’s a single package. To downgrade to 1.5 you have to use full package (Bootloader, Phone, CSC, and PDA).

          • mac says

            yeah found a walk through on samdroid and downloaded xeil5 firmware now i am back on 1.5 and i must say 16m color support in 2.1 does make a difference after 1 week on 2.1..well ill just visit blogs until a stable and fast firmware appears..thanks a lot..

            oh and by the way i5700xeil5 download link on samsung firmwares seemed to be a dead link so i downloaded mine from 4shared…

          • says

            Hi mac,

            You’re welcome. Could you give me the link to xeil5 firmware? just want to download and archieve it. Thanks…

          • mac says

            hi lorenz,
            thanks for the app but can i use it without rooting? if i need to root my spica do you kow any guide?thanks

          • mac says

            hi lorenz,
            tried the app you suggested and it worked like a charm..thanks..

            and by the way my office mate halso bought a spica today and showed it to me..he bought it from an internet seller from ebay and her device had 2.1 out of the box..and for my surprise the android 2.1 in it is very responsive as if the ram issue were gone..

            i dont know if its cause no programs were installed yet but its very smooth compared from a fresh install of a jce firmware..

            i checked the firmware version on her spica and to my amazement it only has the jcb firmware..i cant explain why its so smooth cause as far as what ive been reading from the net jcb firmwares from samsung-firmwares lags…

            so now im having second thoughts on going back to 2.1 using jcb but im still in doubt that it will deliver like on my office mates phone..

            by the way the unit seemed to be from singapore cause theres a singtel wallpaper by default and its warranty is not valid here in the philippines hence she got it at a cheaper price than what ive got for my spica….

          • says

            hi mac,

            You’re welcome…. About the jcb firmware, i never tried it yet and i think that’s because there are no apps installed :D. Try to install some apps…

          • mac says

            i think youre right cause when we installed some apps and start running in the backround there goes the laggy interface again..

            i wonder if some blogs are right about completely removing pantheon homescreen from the spica will make a dramatic change in the ui.. because they are saying that the phanteon eats up so much ram…

            do you know a guide on how to completely remove it from spicas’ system application?

          • says

            hi mac,

            to remove default application, you can use adb tool. login to android using adb and get root access:

            d:\android-sdk-windows\tools\adb shell

            #mount -o remount,rw,codepage=utf8,vfat,xattr,check=no /dev/stl6 /system
            #cd /system/app
            #ls (check file to be removed)
            #rm phanteon.apk

          • mac says

            hi lorenz,
            thanks it worked like a using the jce firmware then rooted my phone, ow i removed pantheon and pushed launcher2.apk…now the phone is much much faster and gave me 83mb free memory after installing all the way launcher2 has the 3d effect on the nexus and runs smoothly on my spica…

          • says

            hi mac,

            that’s great, where did you find the nexus launcher apk file?
            to flash dxjc4 firmware, flash with dxjb3 first (complete package) than flash the dxjc4.
            dxjc4 is the latest asian firmware, so it must support most of asian operators/providers.

          • mac says

            hi lorenz,

            how did you flash your spica to dxjc4(asian fimware) were supposed to flash my colleague’s spica to that version but when we downloaded it its a one package firmware..where can i find the other files needed like in your guide..she needs this firmware cause she needs data connection as european firmwares has a conflict with telcos here in the philippines..thanks i advance badly needed your help…

          • says

            hi mac, yes flash jb3 using sammer’s guide than flash dxjc4 as complete package.
            yeah.. could you upload it’s apk file?thanx a lot mac..

          • Naz says

            I have done the following on my phone;

            1. lkmod 2.5.1 – SamdroidMod v
            2. the new SamdroidMod v firmware features recovery mode, which is great.

            3. i wanted to ask does this phone play video file in mkv format ??

          • says

            hi naz,that’s a good news, new samdroid mod is working well for some people but not for others, i’ll make a try on it.

          • Siro says

            Hi Lorenz,

            I wanna ask u if I can flash to 2.1 without having to unblock my sim card cuz I really don’t wanna brick my phone.

          • says

            Hi Siro,

            To release the sim lock, you can use *#7465625# command,i never flashed the locked sim phone,but as far as i know, the lock must be released before flashing a firmware.

          • mac says

            hi lorenz
            i want to remove the lk mod and i want to use the default xxjce homescreen should i only flash the pda files? or should i go to the whole proceedure? i only want to remove the lkmod…thanks

  19. saurav says

    Hi Lorenz,,

    very nice blog.
    I’ve a small problem though with my new spica5700
    i bought a new set just a week back but have been facing a problem with sim card.

    after around 30-60 mins of fine network my sim card shows no network (x,|) after that i have to remove the sim and re insert it and it is fine then again for 30-60 mins.
    i ‘ve tried all p&c’s but the simd work perfectly in any other hand sets and any sim goes off in no network mode after 30-60 mins.
    i believe there is some settings problem or i dunno..
    Please help !!

    • says

      Hi saurav

      I’m sorry i have no idea about your simcard problem. Are you using 1.5 (cupcake) or 2.1 (eclair)? Maybe you can try to do factory reset (Settings->Privacy->Factory data reset). Remember to backup your data before doing that,all your data (contacts, sms, etc) and installed apps will be removed and back to original state.

      • saurav says

        Hi Lorenz,

        Thanks for your reply.
        my phone is 1.5 cupcake DDIL1
        Baseband version DDIK2 and CSC DDIJ4

        There is no privacy settings in my Settings tab, the sim is showing network as of now.
        i have a 1 year warranty also,

          • Saurav says

            Hi Lorenz,

            I have figured out the problem.
            wen ever i drop in to a no network area (even for a second) the network goes off and it does not detects automatically again, hence it shows no network.
            Then i do the airplane mode on and off and the network comes back.

            still hard reset is a good idea or some settings issue?

          • says

            hi saurav,

            hard reset should be the last option to figure out your problem. Maybe you can check mobile settings at Settings->Wireless&networks->Mobile networks->Network operators.

          • saurav says

            Hi Lorenz,

            well, my phone’s working perfectly now.
            thanks anyways for your help.
            din do nything special though.

            after going by phone details do u think i should flash my set too?

  20. mac says

    hi lorenz
    i want to remove the lk mod and i want to use the default xxjce homescreen should i only flash the pda files? or should i go to the whole proceedure? i only want to remove the lkmod…thanks

  21. terencechan says

    hi lorenz,

    great guide. just wondering. i have flashed to jb3 a few weeks ago, will leshak’s mod work with jb3? or do i have to flash to jce/jd1? do you know a mod that will work with jb3 without reflashing to the european firmwares? i have too many apps installed, wondering if its work the effort to redo everything. thanks!


    • says

      hi terencechan,

      Leshak’s lkmod is based on jce firmware,so it can not be used with your current firmware. I think there is no mod that work with jb3. Upgrade to JCE or JD1 is a better choice :-)

  22. Steve says

    I have the Samsung Spica GT-I5700L
    firmware version – i5700LJJIL6
    im from Israel i just wanted to know if i can updated my phone to Android 2.1 this way? or does it ony work for certain countries?

  23. Steve says

    I have the Samsung Spica GT-I5700L
    firmware version – i5700LJJIL6
    im from Israel i just wanted to know if i can updated my phone to Android 2.1 this way? or does it ony work for certain countries?

    • says

      Hi Steve,

      This guide uses Europe & Asia firmwares so flashing to these firmwares may cause problem on gsm network / data packet (3g) on your phone (depends on your provider/operator). I’m from Indonesia but i use xxjd1 europe firmware and the europe firmware has problem in 3g connection with some providers here. But that’s not a problem for me since i don’t use one of them. So you can use this guide and the phone will work but it may cause some problems with data connection with your provider.

      I suggest you to join samsungfirmware forum here, may be you can get helps there.

  24. zoobihoobi says

    Hi Lorenz,

    I have I5700JXIL3.
    Can I use this guide and firmware to flash my phone. The main point to flash the samsung I5700 is non existence of Market application in my phone. I purchased in Saudi Arabia and it does not have Market application. Will market application be available after flashing by using your guide.

    • says

      Hi zoobihoobi,

      Yes google market will be available if you upgrade to 2.1. This guide uses Europe and Asia firmwares, so sometimes it may cause problems in gsm network or data connection (3g) (depends on your provider/operator).

  25. zoobihoobi says

    Hi Lorenzo,

    When I connected my phone through USB, system recognizes it and I can see connection in device Manager.
    But when I disconnect and start the phone in Download mode and connect the phone through Samsung USB, phone is not recognized and I can’t see the drivers in Control panel. How to resolve this issue. Can I connect the phone in normal mode and than without disconnecting the phone put in downloading mode.

    • says

      hi zoobihoobi,

      try to use the driver that comes with Samsung Spica CD, install the New PC Studio and you’ll get the driver installed. You have to turn off the phone and enter download mode then connect the phone to pc. If the driver installed correctly, it should be recognized by windows device manager.

      If you’ve installed NPS, close the NPS in windows system try and disable antivirus before you start flashing.

  26. Hiren says

    Hi Lorenz:

    I want to flash my spica to the 2.1 version but I have been researching this and have found many who have ended up with IMEI corrupted (00000000000000). Have you come across such problem?

    • says

      Hi Hiren,

      Yeah, some people ended up with IMEI corrupted. It might caused by “Clear EFS” option on Odin debug option. Never tick that option while you flashing a firmware, it will erase the IMEI.
      Follow the steps described in this tutorial correctly, you’ll get a new Eclair without IMEI corrupted :-)

      • Hiren says

        Hi Lorenz,

        Thanks for the quick reply. I was hoping for this answer. Can’t wait to upgrade to 2.1. Will let you know once I do.

  27. Darko says

    a problem is only in spica.ops files. edit files and in a 6 columns write “cache”, save fajl and must work…

  28. says

    did you flash to jce or jd1 ? samsung keyboard is part of jd1 firmware. but you can use another keyboard, htc ime keyboard is a good alternative, it support multitap too.

  29. Villy says

    Hi Lorenz,

    thanks for the guide, it really helps me a lot. by the way I’m planning to change my splash screen logo, and i made a new logo in .png format, is it ok if the logo is less than 30kb? the size of my log is 18kb. thanks.

  30. mac says

    hi lorenz,

    thanks it worked like a using the jce firmware then rooted my phone, ow i removed pantheon and pushed launcher2.apk…

    now the phone is much much faster and gave me 83mb free memory after installing all applications..

    by the way launcher2 has the 3d effect on the nexus and runs smoothly on my spica…

  31. Siro says

    Hi Lorenz,

    I just wanna ask u if I can flash to 2.1 without having to unblock my sim card cuz I really don’t wanna brick my phone.

  32. Chuck_A says

    Thanks for the guide.
    I didn’t succeed until i changed a few things:
    * I used a Windows XP PC that hadn’t been soiled with the Samsung Software.
    * Installed the Drivers from Sameer Prabhakar’s Flashing Guide
    * Did a Reset of the Phone beforehand by entering *2767*3855#

    Then everything went smoothly. Thanks again.

  33. mac says

    hi lorenz,

    I gave you the rapidshare link…its a working link..

    Does jc4 have a lkmod?

    If the link is broken pls give me your email and ill mail it to you..thanks

  34. sn says

    hi i think i have a unique problem, i succesfully managed to flash 2.1 without any problems, everything worked fine but when i flashed lkmod the sound from speakers became very low, i checked the ringer and media volume they were all full. any help!

    btw just got spica yerstday :D

    • says

      hi sn,

      the sound volume is normal in jce firmware, i have no idea if the sound is too low, but maybe you can try jd1 firmware, the sound is louder than jce.

      • SN says

        thx i’ll try it out on the weekend.

        maybe this can help u solve my problem
        music playback (playing various tracks)has low volume but the notification sound is louder, i have tried hard reseting, increasing media volume, increasing ring volume. nothing !

  35. Eisha says

    hi i too have a problem like SN,
    “i succesfully managed to flash 2.1 without any problems, everything worked fine but when i flashed lkmod the sound from speakers became very low, i checked the ringer and media volume they were all full. any help!”

  36. shankar says

    I’m not able to get the phone to DOWNLOAD mode by pressing on “volume down + power button + camera“. The phone just powers on does not get on to the mode. Should the phone must be connected to the PC when pressing the key combination? I installed NPS & disabled it from starting up for Drivers to be installed. Another that i found (by sameer P)does not have the installed for the driver but just the system/driver files. Pls advise.. Thanks in Advance

    • says

      hi shankar, that’s weird, the phone should go to download mode if you press volume down+camera+power at the same time correctly. Doesn’t have to connect the phone to PC if you want to get into download mode.

  37. Naz says

    Hey i got to say thanx for your guide and
    I got my new phone sammy galaxy with new android 2.1 out the box.
    I now flashed my 2.1 phone with LkMod v.2.5.1, which is allows rooting.

    I wanted to ask will you be updating your guide as their are more mods out for the phone now i.e Spica v.LK2.02 allows (Root, Recovery, Apps2SD, Busybox, Wifi tethe)


  38. Naz says

    Are you updating this guide at all for the new mods, such as Spica v.LK2.02 allows; Root, Recovery, Apps2SD, Busybox, Wifi tethe


  39. Naz says

    Hey, i would like to say thankyou for your guide.

    I have updated to the new samdroid firmware with recovery, which i find more safer then odin.

  40. says

    hi Naz, yes i’ll update this tutorial to the latest mod available on samdroid, still try the new jd4 and samdroid, i’ll update it soon..

  41. Naz says

    Also side note, i flashed my phone with sim locked and all other settings by (*#7465625#) are open.

    is their a way to remove the network sim lock ??

  42. Nihal Adsul says

    Hi Lorenz,

    Firstly, I would like to applaud your efforts on this guide. I mean, many people write guides (and leave them), but you actually provide tech support to the followers of your guide & that is really GREAT!

    Now, coming to my queries, here they are:

    I currently have a I5700 having Baseband Version : i5700DDIK2 that was purchased 2 days ago and carries a 1 year warranty.

    1) Which is the best 2.1 Firmware available/suited for my phone?

    2) Are all the Firmwares on Samsung-Firmwares official final releases from Samsung or are they Beta/Leaked firmwares?

    3) I have never modded my phone (It’s new) & do I still have to go through all III Flashing Steps? Or only Flash I is enough?

    4) Does the 2.1 Firmware provide the Bluetooth File Transfer functionality to the phone? That is the only reason I want a 2.1 upgrade!

    5) Once I have flashed my phone, can I revert to my Original firmware in case of issues?

    6) Will flashing my phone void the Warranty? i.e. Will the Samsung Service Center people know that I have flashed the phone?

    I know that I am asking too many questions at once (And some might even seem dumb)….. But Please Lorenz, you are my only hope of finding the answers to my questions & I am eagerly awaiting your reply.

    Thankx a lot….

    Love from India….

    • says

      Hi Nihal,

      Thanks for your applaud :d. that’s always my pleasure to give support to this guide.
      Ok, i’ll try to answer your question

      1. Not all of firmwares released in samsung-firmware website are stable, in my experience, JCE is the best firmware,stable & responsive.

      2. All firmwares on samsung-firmware website are official samsung’s firmware, but not all of them are final releases.EXXJCE,EXXJCF are available for download using NPC (europe) and DXJC4 is available on samsung’s center in my country.

      3. You can use Flash I & II but Flash III is optional. Flash III is for Leshak’s modified rom,you’ll get root access, helix launcher,modified phone.apk and customized boot logo.

      4. Yes, bluetooth file transfer is a built in feature in android 2.1, and also the most important google market application :-).

      5. DDIK2 is an old firmare (DD=India fimrware, I=2009, K=November), if you have flashed to 2.1 you can not revert back to DDIK2, as an alternative, you can use another 1.5 firmware (DXJA1). DDIK2 is not available on samsung-firmware website. May be there is way to backup original DDIK2 firmware before you flash, try to googling about it.

      6. I don’t know exactly about the warranty issue,but i think it will not void the warranty as long as you use samsung’s official firmware, note that all firmwares in samsung-firmware website are official. What you get in samsung center or NPC is also available on that website.

      Hope it helps :-)

      • Nihal Adsul says

        Hi Lorenz,

        Sure it helps a lot…

        I am almost certain that I am gonna flash my phone. And when I know that I have someone like you to help me in case something goes wrong, I am not that worried.

        Just one last query before the flash: Is the I570EXXJD4 also an official Samsung firmware available via NPC in some region?

        Which one do you think would be bettre, the EXXJCE or the EXXJD4….??

        Thanks a lot once again, You are a genius…


        • says

          Hi Nihal,

          JD4 is the latest europe firmware for April 2010 and i don’t know exactly whether it’s available for download via NPC in some regions.I haven’t tried it yet,but some people reported that there were no improvements over jce, jcf or jd1. You can use JCE, that’s the fastest firmware. One minus point from JCE is the sound is too low for some people when using music player, but that’s not a big deal for me. As an alternative, you can use JD1, the sound is louder than JCE but it’s slightly laggy.

          • Nihal Adsul says

            Hey thanks Lorenz…..

            I’ll definitely give this a try…..

            But i am hearing talks on other places on the net that a India specific 2.1 firmware is available with the Samsung ASCs in India.

            Have sent a mail to Samsung regarding the same & in case I get a -ve reply, I’ll flash it myself!

            And ya, apart form this guide, I am already a fan of your other articles on the blog…..
            Keep up the good work…. we love it.


          • says

            hai Nihal, thanx & you’re welcome..

            yes, maybe you can try india’s firmware first. region specific firmware is better, it’s compatible with your operators/providers. I’m using JD1 now and has problem with some operators. But it can be solved by copying my region firmware lib file (dxjc4/ and it works well :-)

  43. jun says

    Hello again,

    FYI, eclair JD1 is working fine. I love it… but I want to root it now so I can try other stuff with it. can I use the LKmod to root it?

  44. chris says

    hi i tried 2 differnt guides to flasing and on 2 pcs. pc suite is installed and i have closed it. gett a message about usb code 87 can u help please

    kind regards chris

    • chris says

      Download Start…
      Create File…
      StartThread Detected : 1
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 87

  45. Nihal Adsul says

    Hi Lorenz,

    Regards from India….

    I got an update from the Samsung ASC in India.

    Here are the Details:

    Firmware Version: 2.1-update 1
    Baseband Version: i5700DDIK2
    Kernel Version: 2.6.29 shun.cho@SE-S605 #2
    Build Number: ECLAIR.DDJC4

    *#1234# gives the following:

    PDA: I570EDDJC5
    PHONE: i5700DDIK2
    CSC: I5700DDIJ4

    I really don’t understand how my Baseband version remained same even after update….. But I am sure that I have been updated to Android 2.1….

    Neway, this was just for information….

    My sincere thanks to you for this guide….. and the blog as well….

    • Siro says

      Hi Lorenz, I just flashed to JD1 and I wanna aply Leshak’s Lk2.02 mod. I can’t understand the 2nd step from the his install guide:
      1. Download ‘.zip’ файл:
      2. Put it to root of SD card! (mount or with help adb)
      3. Download Kernel: i5700_LK2-02_PDA.7z
      4. Flash i5700_LK2-xx_PDA by Odin as PDA file.
      5. Kernel will flash and Spica reboot and enter in Recovery
      Can you pls help me?

      • says

        Hi Siro…

        That means copy the to sdcard, just connect the phone to pc and mount it, copy the file to sdcard or you can use adb:

        adb push /sdcard

      • Siro says

        I confused. Got JD1 and just installed Leshak’s Lk2.02 mod as u said. Followed all the steps and I dont see any difference. I’m interested in helixlauncher, the defalt home didnt changed at all. Can u pls help me?

        • says

          hi Siro, try the new samdroid 1.0.3, just flashed it an hour ago, it works great.

          You can follow my guide:
          1. Flash to JCE as one package (Flash I)
          2. Flash lkmod (Flash III(only if you can boot normaly))
          3. Apply lk2.02 mod
          4. Apply app2sd

          • using adb tool:
          • adb shell
          • reboot recovery (or press volume down + answer + power (without adb))
          • select ‘Partition SD Card’
          • select the size of partition (e.g 256)
          • press ‘Home’ to confirm’
          • reboot
          • check phone if works well

          5. Apply samdroid 1.0.3

          • download samdroid 1.0.3
          • using adb or mount sdcard, copy to /sdcard
          • reboot into recovery mode
          • select wipe than choose wipe->data/cache
          • apply any zip file and choose
          • press home to confirm and wait till the process done then reboot, it may take several minutes, just wait

            That shoulld work perfectly..

          • Siro says

            What do you mean by “2. Flash lkmod (Flash III(only if you can boot normaly))”? If I flash normaly, I need only Flash I, so Flash II and III are useless, right? So, If Flash I goes right, I just have to aply after that lk2.02 mod , app2sd and samdroid?

  46. Naz says is spot on and i like the live wall paper :).

    I’m using tesco sim card from iphone which works great with my mobile broadband (e5830 unlocked). Meaning 12 months free internet. :)

  47. Joe says

    Hi my phone says

    and im in canada wil this firmware work on my phone or brick it?

    • says

      Hi Joe, all firmwares in samsung-firmware web are european & asia firmware. There may a problem if you use a firmware that differs with your region. Usually people have problems with APN settings. If you want to try, backup your APN settings first.

  48. terenceleechan says

    Hi Lorenz,

    I have a few questions:
    1) Is phone more responsive with new samdroid mod 1.0.3?
    2) I do not know how to use adb, how do I apply apps2sd?
    3) I have to apply apps2sd before flashing samdroid mod?
    4) Also do you know if flashing directly with lk2.02 mod and new samdroid 1.0.3 mod will work my current firmware jd1 and lkrootv3? Thanks!

    • says

      Hello teren…, yes the phone is more responsive on samdroid 1.0.3 and also Leshak added nexus one launcher & boot animation + samdroid tools.

      Just to be safe, flash with new fresh jce or jd1 than apply 1k2.02. Samdroid 1.0.3 needs two partition. To make second partition you can apply app2sd from recovery menu.
      Boot to recovery mode by pressing ‘vol down + answer + power’. Create partition on sdcard by selecting menu ‘Partition sdcard’ and select the size of partition.

      Don’t forget to wipe data/cache before apply samdroid 1.0.3 (follow leshak’s guide on his forum/

  49. jun says

    Hi again! I managed to flash LKmod 2.02 and like Hiro…no difference in the phone except that now I have a “Superuser Whitelist” app. But don’t know how to use it though.

    How to upgrade to Samdroid? I dont understand “Reboot to Recovery”. Is it Odin but just running the OPS file?

    Forgive my ignorance but Im not a programmer so most of the time im just guessing.

  50. terenceleechan says

    superwhitelist means you have a “full” root, and thus it prompts for your permission when allowing su (root) access for certain apps that try to do it. there is also “partial” root lkroov3 which doesn’t have superwhitelist. superwhitelist is a protection. what firmware are you on when you flashed lkmod2.02? jd1? can you give instructions on how you did it? also did you enable apps2sd already?

  51. terenceleechan says


    reboot to recovery is the recovery mode that comes with full root. just press phone off>down volume+call key+end key

  52. jun says

    hi terence,

    thanks for your reply. Yes Im on JD1. I used odin… jc3 ops in the ops file and the lk2.02 Tar file on the PAD portion. Did not check or uncheck anything else. The rest I just followed the instruciton on the link Lorenz provided me (above).

    Apps2SD? lk2.02 does not have it I think…or maybe I just dont know where it is.

  53. jun says

    Lorenz / Terence,

    I managed to flash to samdroid using both your help! Wow! Loving it!

    Thanks thanks…

  54. WasaY says

    Dear Mr. Lorenz

    How much memory is usually left after installing the firmware and LkMod !

    Thanks !

  55. Jimmy says

    hi Nihal Adsul,

    can you please tell me the process to get the 2.1 update in india, did you get it from the samsung service center or you did it yourself???

  56. Aigar says

    I tried to put on I570EXXJD4. But now the phone does not go forward, showing only the boot screen with Samsung’s letter and progress bar, which runs until the end and then nothing happens.

    What to do, please help?

      • Aigar says

        I unpacked I570EXXJD4, and tried all the three flashes. How can i install this or some other 2.1 with estonian language support?

  57. jun says

    Hello Lorenz,

    I see that Leshak dropped the Samsung Keyboard on Samdroid… Its a pity coz I think its better than the HTC in terms of responsiveness. Know where I can get the apk for it?

    #2, When we ‘enable’ app2sd does this mean that whatever we install from that time of ‘enabling’ will be installed in SD?

    • says

      samsung keyboard is included in jd1 firmware, i don’t have a copy of it (forgot to backup before applying the new samdroid).

      #2 yes you’re right..

      i never use Textract, have no idea about that. It’s better to use ‘SMS Backup & Restore’ app from market, it has restore function.

  58. jun says

    by the way, do you know how to restore SMS threads back up to phone? I backed it up before I flashed to samdroid using Textract but it doesnt have option to restore.

    Backup file is in CSV format.

  59. Agnes says


    Since I flashed my I5700 I have problem with GPRS i G3 they don’t work.
    Can you help me, please?


    • says

      JCE is a europe firmware so it may be incompatible with your provider settings and mostly with data/3g connection(though you’ve used the correct APN settings), where are u from ? i have a copy of library that fix the problem with data/3g connection, it’s for asia region (singapore, thailand, philipine, indonesa, vietnam).

    • says

      Hi Agnes…

      Have you tried to restart the phone and enter the apn settings manually ? If it didn’t work, try to reflash the firmware (Flash I only).

  60. jun says

    thanks for your reply. Well, i guess i have to hope that I find the csv to xml converter…:)

    #1, what is ‘tun.ko & cifs.ko’ in samdroid tools for? what will they do if I ‘check’ them? Should I?

    #2, is it wise to move ‘dalvik cache to SD’?

    #3, I need the gallery3e.apk, where I dont to register or anything…do you have it?

    • says

      #tun.ko – driver openvpn
      cifs.ko – connect to windows shares . don’t have to check them.

      #move dalvik cache to sdcard may decrease performance if used with low Class sdcard (slow write speed). Class+6 might be a good option.

      • jun says

        You’re the man, Lorenz! Keep up the good work.

        FYI, I found a samsung keyboard but normal install wont work. Have to adb push or something. Didnt bother anymore.

        Installed ‘Better Keyboard v6.3′ with phone keypad input… works great – and with skins!

        Thanks again.

          • jun says

            Out of curiosity I tried to use adb to install the samsung keyboard AxT9IME.apk. My device got detected but when I try to execute “adb remount” i get error message “remount failed: no such file or directory”.

  61. zhi says


    I have updated my phone to 2.1 using the npc software. Suppose I want to flash it to the latest Asia firmware listed in samsung-firmware, can I just use the files you have listed except the firmware?

    • Balaji says

      Hi Zhi,
      Which state are u from???
      Hw did u upgrade to 2.1 thru NPC..?
      Wen i tried it says no upgrade necessary..
      Pls help me out…

    • says

      hello zhi, no the files listed here are for jce firmware. every firmware might have different format, sometimes it comes with complete package (four files) or just a single file.

      • zhi says

        Hi Lorenz,

        The firmware I have downloaded comes with just a single .tar file. The samsung-firmware website said that use the new .ops file. May I know does the new .ops files comes with odin 4.03?

  62. Balaji says

    Hi guys,
    I’m from india…
    I need 2.1 upgrade…
    Hw to do tat officially…
    Can i select germany as my country While installing NPC and install…
    Pls help me out…

  63. says

    Dear lorenz,

    i m going to purchase this spica on Tuesday, and want your recommendation in upgrading it.

    i dont know, what will be the baseband version of it. but i think it would be the old one, which was 1.5…

    now please tell me to which version i should update, and which firmware i should use to update the spica which i m going to buy InshaAllah on tuesday.

    thanks Hassan(Pakistan)

  64. says

    lorenz again this msg is for you,

    please note that i m from Pakistan and please suggest a best, problem free firmware for my region… thankyou in advance once again


    • says

      Hello Hassan.., if you get android 1.5 i suggest you to upgrade it to samsung center at your city (if available). Most of Asia firmware has been available at samsung center. Here, spica already comes with Android 2.1 at some stores and also upgrade to 2.1 has been availabe since mid-april at samsung center.

      But…., if you want to upgrade it manually and get a custom rom,use JCE, JD1 or latest JD4 firmware (europe). But i can not guarantee it will be problem free. Most of the problem are with 3g connection (depends on your provider/operator) and loss of apn settings (have to add it manually).

      • says

        Hello Lorenz again…

        yes you are right, here in pakistan, rite now when i went to the market for the purchase they still have the old stock, no new stock yet, so the old stock is still with 1.5, and no upgrades to 2.1 yet from the service centres. in pakistan there is no 3G network yet, networks are EDGE not on 3G.

        why arent you recommending me the new update of ASIA… well i think first i get the spica, will check its installed firmware and then will discuss it with you. thanks for now. but do give me a reaply concerning above qestions. thanks

        • says

          Hello Hassan,

          Latest asia firmware available at samsung-firmware (DXJC4) is for south east asia region (singapore, indonesia, philipine, malaysia, vietnam), there is no new firmware for india or pakistan (it’s code start with DD not DX).

          Ok inform me if you already get it.

  65. jun says

    hi lorenz,

    couldnt sleep thinking about it.:) If moving Dalvik Cache to Sd slows the phone a bit, what other benefits could there be if we move cache to SD aside from the fact that it frees some space on the internal storage?

    just curious, how much space is freed from the move?

    • says

      hello jun, moving dalvik cache to sd just free some space on internal storage, it doesn’t make any improvements on performance. I never tried it, not interested in using it.

  66. terenceleechan says

    my sd card is just class 2 as of now. is it safe to partition it and do apps2sd before i flash samdroid rom? thanks!

    • terenceleechan says

      thanks for the reply lorenz. how did you backup your apps? mybackup has expired and partitioning sd using lk2.02 recovery will wipe my app backup on the card

  67. jun says


    My phone shuts off by itself after about several hours of standby and/or active use. When I press ON immediately after shutting itself nothing happens. Have to remove and return battery before I can turn ON but then it only goes up to the animation ‘x’ part and shuts down (after 20+ flying x).

    Tried ‘reboot to recovery’ and re.installed Samdroid but same thing happens all over again after several hours of use.

    Im guessing Battery problem but what do I know. Need help. Thanks.

  68. jun says

    Is it good or okay to re.install samdroid directly? Or better flash back first to jc3 and lkmod 2.02, then Samdroid?

  69. jun says

    I re.flashed Samdroid and its working now but will observe for a few hours. Will install minimal apps only to see what happens.

    By the way, Leshak mentioned in his forum that Samdroid has a large APN list… you know where or how we can access it?

  70. jun says

    Now, I turned off and turn on to see if ok… sadly its not. It has been in the animation mode for a long time now – about 5 minutes as of this writing.

    I only installed Astro File Manager and Jonas’ HTC_IME_lo_res.apk and Clicker.apk.

  71. says

    hello jun, did you use live wallpaper? i had the same problem when using lw, the phone shut off itself while in stand by mode. had to remove and return the battery but it could boot normally.

    try to reinstall samdroid from recovery, dont forget to wipe data/cache first.

    about APN, i think it will load automatically if your operator settings are in the apn list included in samdriod mod. you can’t access the apn list.

  72. jun says

    yes I did use live wallpaper. but on the last instance I did not use lw and it still shut off.

    Phone is working now…so far. What I did: 1) back up important files to my pc including using card reader; 2) wipe data/cache; 3) reformatted my SD in the recovery mode by creating partition; 4) copied back and other files from PC to the SD using card reader; 5)re.flashed Samdroid.

    First reboot after re.flash took 60 or so Animated Xs. Turned if off then On again, this time it only took 6 Animated Xs.

    So far so good. Have not installed most of my usual Apps yet. Will use LW now to check if this is the culprit.

    Has others reported the same problem?

  73. jun says

    by the way, can you please tell leshak to include APNs for Philippines 3 networks (Globe, Smart, Sun) in his next mod.:) thanks.

    • says

      someone posted the same problem at samdroid but no solutions yet

      no, i never did any adb shell before the problem began. i could boot normally, change the lw and the problem fixed.

      please send your apn settings to my email (lorenz[at]londatiga[dot]net, i’ll send it to leshak for the next release.

  74. jun says

    how many hours or days did you have LW on before phone shut down?

    I immediately used LW after my first flash to samdroid, it did not have problem until after 1.5 to days.

    After 1st occurence…problem kept coming back. Problem came back after my last effort but I can reboot easily now (but have to take out and return battery 1st).

    No word from Leshak about this?

    By the way, after my last solution my contacts will not appear in ‘contacts’ even after I ‘import from SIM’.

    • rémy says

      Hi, I have exactly the same problem. When I import or create a new contact it doesn’t appear in “contact”. If I add it as favorite, it appears there. I did flash I-II-III. Any idea about the solution?

  75. says

    it was about 3-4 hours. i think spica is not ready for lw, just make the system laggy and eat more battery power.

    yes, still no solutions.

    for contacts, its better to sync with your google account :-)

  76. KP says

    hey lorenz..,,awsm guide…. …..i live in india..n my phone came with 1.5……..d service centre’s in my city don’t have d update…….i wanted to knw if its ok for me to use all the files given above…or shud i use sm othr specific files……thanks in advnce……….

  77. says

    Hi Lorenz,

    i went to market to buy the new Spica, but its still not available, but a month used was available, installed firmware version XXJC1, and rom was also condition of the set is just like new.

    i m very confused should i buy the month old or should i get the new, i m getting it in 15% less amount. i noticed that the call ringer sound is a bit low.

    i m very confused, please give a suggestion?
    new is for Rs:23500, and used is for RS:20000.

    and can i upgrade using your way to the latest firmware easily????

  78. says

    hello Hassan, i prefer the new one :-). But if you want to get the month old phone, check the phone correctly especially it’s IMEI. Incorrect flashing procedure can cause imei changed to ’0000000′ or damaged.

    this guide is for jce firmware, for jd1 or jd4, use sameer’s guide.

  79. JUN says

    Phone still under observation. Any good Apps backup and restore app so I don’t have to find them one by one again? Also, can you recommend any turn by turn navigation app (and with philippine and asia maps); and Push email app. Thanks in advance.

  80. jun says

    Hi Lorenz,

    Just an update…yesterday I re.flashed Samdroid around 5pm. Just used static wallpaper – until 7pm. Change to LW (Nexus-2hours then Grass-fr 9pm til now). ON whole night and still up and running until now. Turned off and on once around 9am, phone started without a hitch. So far everything’s good.

    Repartitioning/Formatting must have helped clean out all the bad stuff.

  81. jun says

    update: Phone shut off an hour ago after spending a few minutes inside my leather case attached to my waist with belt clip. Rebooted without issues. 8 animated X’s and it’s up and running.

    I’m beginning to think that our problem is caused by external factors (besides us) rather than software.

    China made touchscreen phones (I had 2) get damaged/bricked constantly when always kept in pants pockets and leather cases where the screen is almost always touched in some way or the other.

    IMO, it has something to do with the Touchscreen. Is the screen TOTALLY inactive in sleep mode? If its not then maybe it’s something Samsung should look into.

  82. KP says

    hey i did flash 1 n it worked n i got eclair……….then i proceded to flash 2 ……..but it seems to be stuck in d modem.bin download stage…….wat shud i do? is it bricked?

    • KP says

      i jus ran flash 1 again……n i got back eclair……so actually flash 2 and flash 3 r not needed if flash 1 works?…….newaz thanks a lot for ur guide n constant replies.:)

  83. says

    lorenz hi,

    for my surprize and i went to the service centre and they told me that the baseband is JXIL3
    PDA is JPJA3

    its a africa version in Pakistan…


    and the new is not avaiable still, if i buy the old spica, will i be able to install a fresh copy of firmware without samdroid or lkmod? i just need a fresh firmware.


    • says

      Pakistan firmware code should be “JVXXX”. Yes you don’t have to use lkmod, fresh eclair is enough. Notice that default pantheon launcher from samsung is laggy, i suggest you to install & use helix launcher instaed of pantheon.

  84. terenceleechan says

    Hi Lorenz,
    i’m on jd1 + lk2.02 + samdroid 1.0.3. just a couple of questions. assuming i flash some themes either thru lk2.02 recovery or metamorph (since samdroid is deodexed) and i don’t like the them and want to go back to my previous setup (firmware, mod and apps), how do I back up and restore them? I have to back up my apps first through samdroid tools and then go to recovery and backup my system? If I want to restore I just flash system .tar file via odin and everything will be back to jd1+lk2.02+samdroid 1.0.3? Sorry this is my first time trying to understand backup and restore. Thanks!

  85. terenceleechan says

    Hi Lorenz,
    i’m on jd1 + lk2.02 + samdroid 1.0.3. just a couple of questions. assuming i flash some themes either thru lk2.02 recovery or metamorph (since samdroid is deodexed) and i don’t like the them and want to go back to my previous setup (firmware, mod and apps), how do I back up and restore them? I have to back up my apps first through samdroid tools and then go to recovery and backup my system? If I want to restore I just flash system .tar file via odin and everything will be back to jd1+lk2.02+samdroid 1.0.3? I don’t have to reflash samdroid file itself? Sorry this is my first time trying to understand backup and restore. Thanks for all your time.

  86. jun says

    Hello lorenz,

    My phone turned off again an hour or so ago after 18hours of use. It turned off outside of any pocket or case…so I guess my theory stinks.:) Ever heard of this problem in v1.5 or v1.6 or v2.1? If this has not happened to those versions then we can safely say samdroid has the bug.

    • says

      hello jun, my phone never shut off since i didn’t use lw several days ago. tried to use lw yesterday for several hours but it didn’t shut off.

      in previous version (1.5 and 2.1 + old mod), it never happened.

  87. Simen says

    Hello, the drivers doesn’t work after the first flash… Odin cant find the phone again, what to do?

    • says

      did restart your computer?what did u get in flash I?an exclamation mark?

      have u done these steps?
      - turn the phone off
      - remove battery,
      - put the battery back
      - start in download mode to continue to flash II

  88. says

    if you got eclair in flash I, don’t have continue to flash II. Flashing will overwrite your rom so you’ll will loose your previous firmware and replaced with the new one.

  89. eizyark says

    hey lorenz, first of all i want to thank you for the great guide you have posted. i wanted to ask you, is the JCE firmware a bit laggy in your phone? because as far as i can tell, mines is a bit laggy. if this will help, i have the galaxy spica sold in the uae. any suggestions on what could be the best firmware to use? everything else is fine except for the slight lag.

    thanks in advance!

    • says

      hello eizyark, JCE with default Pantheon/Samsung default launcher is laggy. Don’t use Pantheon, use Helix or Nexus One launcher, they are fast & smooth.

      The best firmware so far is jce. It will be good if you apply latest samdroid mod,it will replace default Pantheon with Nexus One launcher (smooth)

      • eizyark says

        hi and thanks for the reply! i noticed too that using LW lags the spica, so i guess no LW for us:(
        i was wondering what’s better, LK mod or the samdroid mod? thanks again bro :)

  90. jun says

    Hi Lorenz,

    Switched back to static wp since last shut off last night…so far so good. Hows your lw working out?

    Anyway, my question today is about the internal storage. If we enabled Apps2SD already before we installed any apps and partitioned the SD, why is the internal storage still decreasing everytime we install apps?

    Aren’t the apps supposed to be installed to the SD already?

  91. jun says

    also, any leaked Froyo’s you’ve heard about?:) Is it possible that it could be 4x to 5x faster than Eclair?

  92. says

    Hello Jun i don’t use lw anymore. It consumes more battery power and a bit laggy in spica (maybe i have to save more money to buy nexus one to get lw runs perfectly :d).

    Yes internal memory will decrease though the apps already installed on sd, that because dalvik-cache still in internal memory.

    No, i’ve never heard about leaked froyo. Rumour says that froyo is focused on performance enhancements.

  93. says

    hi, i am a big fan of your blog, pls help me , when i put my phone to download mode and connect it to pc, it just says new hardware found G and then no driver found , pls help me.

  94. says

    sometimes it also says, new hardware found: gadget serial control, installing driver and nothing happens for hours, in my device manager under modems i see samsung mobile modem #3 and under USB i get samsung usb composite device and odin 4.3 is not detttecting my device pls help me,

    • says

      Hello Abhishek, which version of windows are you using ?how did you install the drivers?from Samsung PC Studio ? Kies ?.
      Disconnect the phone first and uninstall the drivers then reboot. Remove & insert the battery then connect the phone to computer.

      Don’t forget to close NPC or Kies process in system try and disable anti virus before start flashing. hope it helps :-)

      • says

        i am using windows 7 ultimate 32-bit, drivers from sameer prabhakar’s tutorial. I am connecting my phone in download mode but no luck, next I tried it on my dads lappy and i was able to install the drivers given by sameer but instead of samsung android modem I get samsung mobile modem and instead of samsung android usb device I get samsung usb device. Then I launched odin and it detected my phone on com124. I followed sameer’s tutorial but it is getting stuck on step 1 testing connection for several mins but nothing happens. Pls help me. My phone is still alive but waiting to breath eclair. pls help me and explain why it is getting stuck on step 1. :thnx in advance.

        • says

          hello Abhishek…

          Samsung driver from Sameer’s guide is not for Windows 7. For Win 7, you have to install Samsung Kies (link on top of my post),it includes driver for Win 7. (uninstall sameer’s driver first then install kies).

  95. KP says

    hey i’ve got d jce firmware….n i dont tink its rooted…….how can i get samdroid mod with nexus one launcher?

  96. says

    Dearest Lorenz, finally got my spica, but sadly its still 1.5 with baseband 15700 JXIL3 and build number Cupcake.JPJA3, i visited the samsung firmware website, and saw new version, XXJE1, would you recommend me that version to install on my spica, and if not which firmware version you would recomend me?

    and which guide to use for both XXJE1 and XXJD1-2-3-4…

    waiting for your reply.


    • says

      Hello Hassan, welcome to spicaers club..:d

      Yes the new firmware is XXJE1 but i suggest you to flash using this guide to JCE first (follow flash I-III) and enjoy the eclair (test the phone, sms, 3g, etc). There is new mod for spica from Leshak, samdroid 1.0.3. You can apply the mod on top of JCE. But you have to apply Lk2.02 first before samdroid. The guide on how to setup samdroid available on samdroid site (…-05-06-2010-EN). If you have difficulties on applying the mod, tell me here or directly on samdroid forum.

      About contacts, i used to copy them all to simcard and then import them from android.

        • says

          hello again, i m not getting the link to download lk2.02, download the sam mod, and dont know how to install lk2.02, how to create partion on sd card, i have a gb sd card and have songs on it, please help me.

          • says

            samdroid mod works on any samsung 2.1 firmware, it was built from jce+jcf. If you install sammod, it will reformat the phone and replace original firmware. so actually it is no matter what’s your original eclair firmware.

            Ok, i’ll update this tutorial and add how to apply samdroid, hope i’ll finish it today. many people get confused when apply sammod for the first time (especially on lk2.02).

      • Shankar says

        Hi Lorenz, My heart-felt thanks for the effort which is a real boon for anyone flashing. I found the link -> to be useful. Some of the tips to be applied with Caution/understanding of Linux system..

        Currently i’m running Version: i570EXXJD1 & Build No: Leshak Kernel c.LK2.01.1. I’m planning to upgrade the firmware to XXJE1 & wanted to find out whether there is any Performance improvement & application performance/memory management as such?

  97. Diogo says

    Hy Lorenz, great blog mate. I flashed my Spica to JCE and then rooted the phone and installed samdroid mode, everything is fine, but now my gps isnt working, it searches and searches but doesnt find my location, any ideia? :\ and one more thing, if i ever get tired of samdroid mode, can i unnistall it in someway and get back to eclair simple version? tks in advance mate

    • says

      Hello Diogo…,thanx :-).

      Try to wipe data/cache from recovery tools. I’m using samdroid too, the gps works fine but it slightly slower in locking position compared to non samdroid mod.

      To get back to original eclair, flash it to jce firmware using this guide.

  98. says

    Lorenz, but man i want to know this too, how to install LK2.03 and where to download it from, how to partion my sd card.

    man, i have a prepaid connection here, wifi working fine, but the sim is placed in, it starts using the sim data connection, i want to disable it permanently and wnat to use wifi network, or like nokia, select the data connection, wifi or sim connection.

    my whole credit has gone from my account.


  99. says

    will there be any problem if i flash my spica with the new XXJE1

    if you say no problem, then later in the day i will flash it with xxje1 and then with your new guide(which hopefully you will upload today) i will flash the LK and SamMOD.


  100. says

    lorenz, i know i m asking to many questions, i just called the samsung service centre in Pakistan, they said the offical update for pakistan will be available end of this month,

    but i m very xcited to update my spica by ODIN for now, is there a way to backup my present firmware 1.5 to flash it again and send it for official update.???

    please answer all question, i know i m asking too much, this is my last question for now, until i recive your reply.


    • says

      hello hassan, the problem may exist if you upgrade to any europe firmwares. Most of the problems are on 3g connection but thats specific to gsm operators.

      I’ve never downloaded the firmware yet If you find it contains four files, use sameer’s guide.

      I’ve updated this guide, check point number 5 for lk2.02+app2sd+samdroid installation.

      • says

        thankyou verymuch for the reply, please tell me is there any way to take a backup of present cupcake firmware???

        ad yes it has 4 files in it, so i have to use sameer guide and later your guide to install lk sammod.


  101. Diogo says

    Hy again lorenz, i tryed as u said in the recovery menu to wipe the cache but nothing happened, i still have gps problems, so i flashed the latest FW i570EXXJE1, and i still have gps problems, maybe i should downgrade to the JCE, what do u think? tks mate

    • says

      Hello Diogo,…

      Have u tried your gps in an opened area?Spica’s gps is rather slow in locking position. Try to test it using gpsstatus or gps test app from market. If it doesn’t work, try to flash it to jce or jd1.

  102. JUN says

    Hi Lorenz,

    Hv you heard from leshak regarding the problem with LW & phone shut-off? Anyway, im not using lw anymore and phone hasnt shut off by itself for a while now…but I really like the lw…hope leshak has a fix.

    Have your tried the Samdroid Kitchen? If you have…what are your thoughts on it?

    Btw, my phone gets this error message “cannot detect SD card, programs will not run properly…” or something like that. But phone actually works ok. You familiar with this?

  103. says

    trying to update my spica using sameer and your guide, device manager shows both signs that it is connected acordingly, but the com port mapping is not in sign, so what should i do>

    windows 7 and installed drivers by installing kies


  104. says

    Download Start…
    Create File…
    StartThread Detected : 1
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    StartThread Detected : 0
    — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 87

    getting stuck at this step using sameer guide? can you help???

  105. says

    hey, lorenz just when i was going to sleep after msging you the last msg, i tried once again, and yahooo it started to do the flash, its done, and will enjoy it in the morning and will ask alot of question if i needed to…

    hope you wont mnind. thanks


  106. says

    hello again :P

    xxje1 working superbly.
    gprs/edge is working after apn settings but mms not working, i m trying to sort out the problem with it.

    i m not rooting my set for now with lk or samdroid… will enjoy fresh eclair and will root it later.

    thanks for your help with everything…

    take v.good care of your self.


  107. Teru says

    Hey lorenz, I tried your guide and managed to do Flash I, but when i do Flash II, the odin program just stops responding and force closes… so ive bricked my phone, it wont turn on even with it connected to my computer.. any advice on reverting or undoing the damage :(

  108. JUN says

    Hi Lorenz,

    I’ve done successful flashes thus far…just want to be sure Im doing the 1st thing right – “copying the update to the root of the SD card”. How do you copy to the “Root” of the SD? In my previous flashes I just plain copy it via usb to practically anywhere in the SD.

    Stupid question but please indulge me.:)

  109. JUN says

    whoa! you’re a quick replier today… I will take advantage :) Last question of the day…

    Do you recommend moving the Dalvik cache? Did you move yours?

  110. says

    Hhehehe ^^..

    Not recommended, it will decrease performance if you move it to low class SD ( < 6). At the highest class SD it doesn’t make any improvements..

  111. JUN says

    sorry… last last question.

    How do you reformat the “JUST” the second partition (ext2)? Does the recovery has this option – to just reformat a particular partition?

    • says

      To format existing ext2 partition, use adb shell:

      # mkfs.ext2 -v /dev/mmcblk0p2

      I always delete all partition using windows’ disk management tool from control panel and recreate the partition from recovery tool.

      Sorry i went to sleep after last message last night:-)

  112. says

    hello lorenz,

    i have tried alot of tweeks with apn’s. internet/gprs/edge all are working fine, except of the fact that mms is not working.

    am not able to send mms and recive mms.

    when i try to send mms, a small red clock appears on the sending ICON next to mms.

    when someone sends me an mms, i recive there msg, and when opening it, it gives me a msg to donwload the mms, when i click on it, nothing happens.

    dont know the problem? do u know anything about it? and if you don know anything about mms setings or solving it, please refer me to some other forum.

    thanks Hassan

    • says

      Hello.. ,

      I never use MMS, have no idea about your problem. You can try to ask people at or

  113. says


    lorenz now that i m on xxje1, can i install LK following your new tutorial, updated on 17th May, (5) number.

    or have to flash it to jce or jd1.

    does that LK include HELIX LAUNCHER


  114. says

    HELIX Launcher is avaiable in LK or SAMDROID.MOD???


    How to flash

    1. Select spica_jc3.ops in Select OPS field.
    2. Click Reset Files to clean the fields.
    3. In Select Images to download panel, Select LkMod-2_5_1-PDA.tar into PDA field.
    4. Don’t select One Package option and Debug Option.
    5. Click Start and watch the progress bar and timer, wait untill PASS message appear on Message box.
    6. The phone will restart and you will get the rooted Eclair with helixlauncher default home.

    and i think this image is not with HELIX LAUNCHER??? right???

    I m still very very very confused on how to do LK1.02 and S.MOD.

    for simple …
    i think i just have to follow the steps under this

    ///…\\n5. Install Samdroid Mod 1.o.3

    please give me your email ID, i want to ask live questions?

    ill be thankfull…..


    my email add for msn and gmail is

    e.halai gmail com

    • says

      hello hassan..

      It is better to apply the new samdroid 1.2. Sammod 1.2 comes with ‘kitchen’ concept, means that you can choose what apps or package you want to install.

      If you’re on fresh je1, you can directly follow the steps in point #5, don’t have to apply lkmo2.5.1. that useless.

      the ops file must be included in odin if you want to flash any mod or firmware.

      ok, contact me via email: lorenz [at] londatiga [dot] net

  115. says

    only 1 confusion left for now, i know my confusion is irritating…

    anyways, # Download i5700_LK2-02_PDA.tar
    # Flash it using odin as PDA file

    when flashing this PDA.TAR, do i have to include spica.ops or just PDA.TAR file in ODIN and click on start?


  116. Ali says

    from where i can download this latest LK2.03.3??? i could’nt find any link till now?

    help me finding this and i will be very thankful to all of you.

  117. Cyrus says

    I would like to ask if what is the difference between for your specific area firmware and about this firmware you are tutoring. Im Philippines and Im afraid to flash this root to my phone. Is it compatible with the asia release firmware found on samsung-firmwares? Thanks.

    • says

      Actually they’re the same, except for 3g connection (operator specific). Europe firmware caused problem with 2 operators here, can’t get the 3g connection to work. But it can be resolved by copying the related lib from region specific firmware.

      Some visitors from philipine reported that it works well with their operators.

  118. rahul says

    I am from india and i gave my spica for upgrade to 2.1 at a local samsung service but it has been a month and they say that it will take some more time as there is a problem with the software i think they bricked my phone what should i do??????????????????????????????

    • says

      Hi Rahul,

      One month just for upgrading to 2.1? OMG thats must be something wrong. It never happened at my local samsung service here. Flashing to 2.1 just take 15 minutes if you do it manually. Just like Mmac said, file a complaint and get back your spica.

  119. mac says

    hi rahul,

    this happened on one of my officemates here in the philippines…what he did was demanded his unit back from the service center, he said he didnt mind if the unit is still in 1.5 but he wats it released immediately…then the service center admitted that they maid a fatal mistake and bricked the phone, he filed a complaint and after two days got a new spica…i suggest you do the same…

    hope it helps….

  120. Ozoar says

    Anyone here have problems with battery life after upgrading to 2.1? My battery life is far worst then when it was on 1.5.

    When its at 30% it may suddenly drop to 15% or phone just died totally w/o power. When plug in to charge, suddenly shows 30% or 50% full.

    ANyone faces such problems?

  121. says

    Hello Jun.., there is an alpha release for spica (samdroid), an sdk built version, not fully functional. We have to wait until Google release froyo’s source code to public. Once the source code is released, rom cookers will be able to edit the code and built custom rom..

  122. irel1 says

    My Spica is in Israel and my PDA: I5700LJJJA2, Phone:I5700LJJIL6 CSC: I5700LPCLJA1. Can I upgrade using your instructions? I am new to Android and a bot afraid to brick my phone.

  123. jun says

    Hi Lorenz,

    FYI, Leshak got back to me about the “Auto shut off with LW”…well, he said Spica cannot run LW and LWP is big bug on it.

  124. low says

    When I flashed my phone to 2.1 with DXJC4, there were audio and video sync problems. Will flashing this to XXJCE solve this?

  125. says

    hi thanks to your tutorial i have successfully upgraded my spica to 2.1 and the firmware flashed is i570exxjcb. when using *#1234# i get pda: i570exxjcb, phone:i570exxjc1 and csc: i570edbtjc6, i was wondering if lk mod will work on it and will i have to root it before installing lk mod , pls help ,me.

      • says

        ok will install samdroid 1.2, but the question is that will i have to root my spica before installing samdroid? pls help as i am unable to understand on how to install samdroid. i want live wallpapers. pls help me.

  126. low says

    j just upgraded my brothers spica to XXJCE, but he wants to downgrade it back to 1.5. So I flashed to back to DXJA1, and it didn’t work. Its the exclamation mark beside the phone image.
    How to downgrade this to dxja1 firmware?

  127. says

    Hi Lorenz,

    You may remember me from the Samdroid Forums. Well, I got my Spica a couple of days ago, and it came with Android 2.1 installed.

    I just wanted to ask you is it really worth getting root and running custom mods, specially Samdroid Mod? I know you can do a lot of cool things with root, but is it stable? I’d rather have a stable non-rooted phone than a rooted one that gives some problem or the other every now and then…

    I would like to know based on your experience, not what is promised theoretically… Thanks.

    • says

      Hello Karl,

      What is your samdroid user id ? In my experience, the latest samdroid mod (1.2) is more stable than previous versions, i’m very satisfied.
      Here are the keys to get a stable samdroid mod:
      - Dont’ use live wallpaper, it has a bug, will cause phone to auto shut off.
      - Use LauncerPro as launcher, its very smooth and fast.
      - Don’t use JIT, it may cause phone to crash, restart and fc on some apps

      • says

        Hi Lorenz,

        My Samdroid id is karlito6688.

        Well, I’m not really interested in LiveWallpapers, I don’t know why people find them fascinating. And I already use LauncherPro. Amazing home screen app!

        Frankly speaking, I’m only interested in:
        1. Root
        2. Install apps from Market to SD card.
        3. Ability to make COMPLETE backups of the entire phone, and restore them later, if need be.

        According to my knowledge, to do the above, I only need to flash LK2.02. Is that correct? I don’t really want SamdroidMod (unless it’s required). I’m on unrooted I570EDDJC5. Thanks in advance…

          • Samgsp says

            Dear Lorenz/Carl,

            I’m also going to Root my Spica on I570EDDJC5, and have no idea about how to go about it !!!

            i need live wallpaper, App2SD and want to use my Spica a modem either with EDGE or WiFi with my desktop (if ever required)

            My Samdroid ID is “Samgsp” and please tell me what will be best for my requirement and how to do it the easier way.


    • says

      Hello jun,

      No, i’ve never tried it. I’m using BiB theme and very satisfied. Could you give me the link to Morphdroid? Will make a try on it :-)

      • JUN says

        Sorry didn’t copy the link… but it was, I think, the first item in the
        The thing is the morphdroid.exe there has a bug… and morpheus has fixed it but I don’t where the link to that ‘fixed’ file is.

        I dont know how to install a theme…can you please give me a heads up. thanks.

          • says

            To install theme, usually by copying the files (framework-res.apk & services.jar) to system/framework. But you can make it easy by making a zip file of them and sign it. And you can install it from recovery mode (update any zip)

    • says

      ok got it, but i think thats a rom cooker, just like leshak’s kitchen where we can create a custom rom with our selected packages.

      • jun says

        Yes it is. but do all ‘cookers’ create the same dish?

        Morphdroid has option to select boot screen and animation screen.. and iphone and samsung keyboards…

  128. archer says

    the spica beig sold at a cellphone shop here has the version 2.1 does it have a 3d photo galary like the one in the picture anfd live wallpapers?

  129. jun says

    Don’t mind my last question about zip files… just noticed you have a tutorial for that.:)

    For installing themes, do you recommend using METAMORPH? seems easier…

    • says

      You can try it, i prefer to install theme as a separate package, copy the files manually or create my own update zip file for it. :-)

        • says

          Before installing themes, make sure to backup /system/framework/framework-res.apk and /system/framework/services.jar.

          Using adb command line:
          cp /system/framework/framework-res.apk /sdcard/backup
          cp /system/framework/services.jar /sdcard/backup

  130. JUN says

    hello Lorenz,

    After a few hours of I-dont-know-what-I-did I finally had the Morphdroid/ROMcook working but after cooking I couldnt seem to find the UPDATE.ZIP it cooked up. And when I press the \Take Rom\ button an error message comes up.

    Have you tried Morphdroid yet?

  131. PRANAV says

    Thanks ! I just flashed Stage 1 of your guide above and I have eclair on the Phone :)
    Do I have to do Stage 2 & 3 ?

  132. PRANAV says

    Thanks ! I flash stage 1 above and have Eclar runnning well… is there still need to follow Step 2 and step 3 ?

    Eclair runs absolutely fine on my phone

  133. JUN says

    Hi Lorenz,

    How are you doing with the MorphDroid ROMcook?

    As for me… I keep failing. The ‘’ file keeps disappearing after the prompt window closes. Tried several times already… since yesterday!

    Window 7 x86…

  134. Archer says

    Thank you for replying. Do you know a website where i can get live wallpapers and make my picture gallery 3d?

  135. Akhtar Rasool says

    I have smasung spica i5700 and i want to flash it with new frimware 2.1 eclair.

    PDA= I5700JPJA3
    PHONE= I5700JXIL3
    CSC= I5700 PAKIL1


  136. Tarun says


    My Phone marked all Pass. but while Flash 3, it showed the exclamation screen.

    Alos, it didnt started automatically after Flash 3 PASS message.
    I tried to restart by removing and inserting the battery. But the Progress Bar screen is showing up.

    Please guide me through.


  137. KP says

    hi lorenz,
    i wanted to use dat JIT ARM11 optimised for my cell…..can u tell me d proper options dat i shud use in samdroidmod kitchen……plz help…thanks in advance…:)

    • says

      Hello KP,

      Its better to use DVM ARM11, JIT is not stable, may cause crash or auto restart.

      To download DVM ARM11:

      Choose ‘Without base package’ and ‘DVM ARM11 optimized’.

          • KP says

            i installed d mod……evrytings wrkin f9 except my location services based on cellular network…….i need it badly…,,..can u help me please…….

          • KP says

            what i meant was dat d feature by whch my location can be found out by using d telecom towers arnd to pin point my position is not working nw aftr i installed d mod…..evryting else is fine….i disabled and enabled use wireless networks setting in location and security also…but dat too didn’t wrk….i dont need it badly nw but i wud lik to have it…….

          • KP says

            hey lorrenz…….i reflashed from d beginin den i used d same mod without d linux kernel 2.05…nw evrtings fine……:)

      • KP says

        hey sorry…i got 1 more question… i hav to select a linux kernel n also wat shud i select in d phone.apk options if im gonna use DVM ARM 11 lin pack?

  138. Jay says

    Hi lorenz,
    Frst of all ur doing a great job,, ur awesom!!
    Now I bought spica a week ago,, den I noticed
    I cudnt use live wallppr or share files,,
    I hvnt yet updated to 2.1 coz I’m vry scared abut brickng it..
    1.I want it to b update to 2.1,, nt use all other mods lik kernel,, etc
    Is live wallpaper avlable in d normal procedure??
    2.I liv in india nd wil der b any data connectn problm if I update it?? 1.5 i used ahome for customization,, can i use it in 2.1??
    4.Wat is samdroid mod?? Advantages?? How to install??
    [Firmware 1.5
    Baseband i5700DDIK2
    Kernel 2.6.27 imtrs@SE-S506
    PDA I5700DDIL1
    PHONE I5700DDIK2
    CSC I5700DDIJ4
    SIM LOCK All r OFF]

    Is evrythng o.k?? Sud I proceed?? o.O

    • says

      Hello Jay….,


      1. Live wallaper will be available if you continue to root the phone. But root guide in this tutorial is out of date. You can use Samdroid mod (v1.2/kitchen), its very easy to install. You can choose packages and libs available on samdroid page.

      Before installing samdroid mod, you have to install lk 2.02 first (follow the steps at point #5.1 #5.2 in this guide)

      2. Many visitors here from India and they have flashed to 2.1 successfully without any problems with connection.

      3. I suggest ‘LauncherPro’ as your launcher, its very fast and stable, you gonna like it:-)

      4. Samdroid mod guide & download :

      • Jay says

        thanx a lot,,, :D iv installd launcher pro nd it works great,,,
        btw is der a way to apply live wallpapr witout rootng d phone??

          • Jay says

            Hi Lorenz,,
            i decided to root my phone nd i was successful,, bt nw im nt able to enter RECOVERY MODE!!
            When i manually press d keys for RECOVERY,, it boots den in d loading screen it goes halfway,, turns black for 1 secnd,, nd den anothr loading screen nd den boots normally!! NO RECOVERY MODE!!
            Plz help!!! Thank u,,

          • Jay says

            Hi, yeah i reflashed it,, nd it worked for me… thanks a lot!! :D
            I hav a another question:
            i partitioned my sd card(512 MB).. i wanted to knw dat in future if i change my sd card wil der b any problem???
            If yes wat sud i do??

  139. Forrest says

    hi lorenz,

    my phone very slow to respone after upgrade from andriod 1.5 to 2.1. (3 flash completed) &
    I also can’t download any app from market, msg show no enough space for app

    have you encounter similar issues? pls guide me through, thks.

    • says

      Hello Forrest..

      The slow response must be caused by Samsung’s sluggish Pantheon launcher, don’t use it. Use ‘LauncherPro’ from market, its very fast & stable.

      How much available memory in your phone?

      I suggest you to root the phone and install samdroid v1.2. Follow this guide (update point #5.1, #5.2) then install samdroid v1.2

      • Forrest says

        hi Lorenz,

        sorry for lack of info in my early comment.
        fyi, my internal storage show 0.00kb,and i check app,show patheon is taking up the way my firmware version is

        thanks for ur guide:D

  140. Jay says

    lol,,I jst cudnt wait for ur rply,, I flashed it, its pretty coooolllll,,, bt really its vry slow,, plzz suggest som ways to improve performnce,, nd I hvnt rooted it,, nd also help wit my above quesstns,, thanx a lot,, nd diz time I’ll patiently wait,,:D

  141. AASK says


    I had done the upgradation of the firmware, but after Flash Samsung Galaxy i5700 To Firmware 2.1 by using I570EDDJC5.tar, the ringtone is always silent mode and no other options are displayed to even choose. Can you please tell me what went wrong in the settings.


  142. Simen says

    Hello, i have a problem with Odin, will not detect my spica. In windows device manager, under modems/USB its now called
    -SAMSUNG android USB modem
    -SAMSUNG android USB device

    in sted of
    -SAMSUNG mobil modem
    -SAMSUNG USB composite device

    any other way to instal the:

    Have android 2.1 on phone
    And Windows Vista on the computer

    • says

      I never tried it on Vista, where is the samsung driver from?kies ? pc studio?.

      Try to unistall, reboot then install the driver again.

  143. Anas says

    hi i did everithing but still the recovery icon pop up and the install abandoned need help and my phone stuck on samsung logo after finishing the download

  144. Harro says

    Hi Lorenz, i currently have firmware I5700XXIJ5. Do you foresee any issues using your guide and if not is it easy to revert back if the flash starts to go wrong?

  145. Forrest says

    hi Lorenz,

    many thanks for ur help

    my phone is running DXJC4 now, is it working if i flash to DXJB3 1st and then DXJC4?

      • Forrest says

        Hi lorenz,


        an exclamation mark will show on phone when i flash to DXJB3,the phone will also hang at initial samsung loading stage after i reset the phone….later i flash back to DXJC4,i was able to reach normal Exclair stage,but internal phone memory still 0.00kb and can’t download app from market…..pls guild me through…thk

          • Forrest says

            Hi Lorenz

            yes,this is the DXJB3 i download


            before the exclamation mark appear,a factory reset mark will appear.

            pls help

          • says

            Ok, flash the four files using Sammer’s guide and use the old ops file. Don’t know if the ops file included in your package is the old one. Wrong ops file my cause problem.

  146. Ian genada says

    sir can i ask why i dont have 3g? i just bought this phone and updated to i570EXXHC1.. i live in singapore.. sir can you send me where i can download the firmware for our country.. the one in samsung-firmwares doesnt work..

  147. Akhtar says

    Hi lorenz i successfully my samsung spica to 2.1 eclair but in wallpaper section i have no live wall paper and themes please help me out.

  148. keeran says


  149. Caio Landau says

    Hey lorenz,

    I must say I want to update my phone to eclair, but I’m very scared, I don’t wanna brick my phone. I have a VERY slow PC (my PC is 5-6 years old). Just an example: it’s impossible to use Samsung PC Studio – it’s so slow it will take more than 10 minutes to open any function on the program. Is that a problem?

    Also, I live in Brazil, and I have this firmware (it’s 1.5 cupcake) in *#1234#, MODIFIED BY MY PROVIDER:

    PDA: I5700LVIIJ3
    Phone: I5700LVIIJ3
    CSC: I5700LZVVIJ3

    Is it OK to update with the firmware you say (

    • says

      Hello Ciao Landau,

      As long as you follow this guide correctly, you’ll not brick your phone. I’m not sure about flashing on slow computer, never tried it. Odin is a lightweight program and use less memory. Maybe it takes longer time for flashing the firmware.

  150. JUN says

    hi lorenz,

    Why am I getting “low phone storage” notification when the apps I installed is not that much and not that big?

    I’m on Samdroid kernel 2.06 JIT8.13

      • jun says

        5.4mb is all whats left. It occurred after I flashed. Been using the new mod for a day or two before this happened.

        • says

          So it happened after you applied sammod with new jit&kernel? Maybe thats a bug. Try to reflash it. Usually memory left after flashing is about 110-130 mb.

          • JUN says

            I flashed to new mod cooked by Morphdroid /ROMcook. So far so good. I get 7.5 to 8 Mflops… as with sammod JIT8.13.

            The difference, ive noticed, with Samdroid kitchen and Morphdroid/Romcook is that with Samdroid doesnt have apps like JaveME, Gallery 2D – which I like coz samdroid already has the option for Gallery 3D. Morphdroid has Linux terminal emulator (i dont know what this is for), and Samsung Keyboard.

            I will Sammod JIT8.13 again…

          • says

            Never tried morphdroid, always failed to download it’s rom and apps. So far i’m just stick with samdroid 1.2 with kernel 2.05. I’ve uninstalled the arm11 dvm, it caused the phone to hang and reboot.

  151. Mark says

    Sorry to bother you, want to root my 2.1spica downloaded Odin MD, but when I open it error comes up Image Path and then Japanese/chinese characters. Downloaded from link on this page. Please could you help. Thanks

      • Mark says

        Yes twice but still no joy. I’m a bit frustrated at this. All I want to do is root it then do a couple of flashes. Not sure what to do now. Thanks for your reply.

        • Des says

          Are you running Windows Vista or 7? If so this appears to be a permissions issue – Right click Odin and select “Run as administrator”

          • Mark says

            Thanks Des that got that sorted now Com Port Mapping isn’t picking up the phone or connection. (by the way it is vista) Device manager is picking it up. Any ideas?

  152. Rikislav says

    ODIN CRASH inbetween process

    I tried to flash my new i5700 Android 1.5 to 2.1
    I live in italy, files I downloaded for odin (samsung-firmware.webs) were respectively:

    ops : spica_jc3.ops
    boot : I570EXXJA1_CL132638_Bootloader.tar
    phone: I570EXXJD1_Phone.tar
    pda : I570EXXJE4_CL327991_PDA.tar
    csc : I570EOXEJE2-CSC-MULTI-CL350080.tar

    but the process stopped midway with Odin crashing (odin: step 3, phone: half upload stalling)!

    Took the battery off and the phone fortunately is still working with old firmware version BUT there is no space left in the phone memory and I can’t install any application…

    Is there a way to regain the lost space, maybe a way to restore-install default/another firmware via micro-sd card (I tried the process again but failed, now I’m scared to repeat it as I don’t want to completely break the phone)?

    Thanks for help

    • says

      Hello Rikislav,

      What firmware did you use? Try to flash with other firmware (EXXJD4 or EXXJE1). Odin is the only way to flash a firmware, you can’t use sdcard. To flash a full package firmware (that contains four files), use sammer’s guide.

      • Rikislav says


        I downloaded all files you showed, followed your instructions literally and all went well.

        I stopped after 1st phase: my phone seems to work perfect and the memory is restored.

        Last question: is it important to follow firmware steps II and III? After the first one everything is perfect.

        Thanks a lot for your precious guide and advice!

  153. Caio Landau says

    Hey lorenz,

    I have a problem. I updated to 2.1 successfully following your guide. Everthing was perfect by the end of Flash I, so, as you said, I just stopped there.

    Now, after a day of using the phone, everything was perfect until I put a new SD card (2gb) in the phone. Now I can’t connect to USB or charge the phone at all! The charger and the USB both are not detected – I tried the USB in 2 different computers… I tried a master reset, and still I have the same problem… In the phone, everything is working, only nothing works when I use the USB port in the phone.

    I tried to turn it on on download mode, but the USB is not detected either!

    HELP PLEASE! I’m starting to get desperate… Did I brick the phone?

      • Caio Landau says

        I already removed and inserted the battery many times. I even tried to take out the battery and leave it out for some time, but that didn’t work either.

        Now, at the moment I have less than half battery remaining, and I can’t charge the phone!

        Just to make it clear, everything inside the phone is working just fine, ONLY the charger and the USB cable doesn’t work… :(

        PLEASE help me! When the battery is over I’ll not be able to do anything…

        • says

          I think you have problem with spica’s usb port. The worst failure on flashing firmware so far is the phone can’t boot after flashing but it still can be charged.

          Have you tried to remove the sdcard and simcard then connect the phone?

          • Caio Landau says

            Without the SD card and the SIM, the problem continues. If it’s a problem with the USB port, what can I do? The phone is 3 days old, so it’s still in the warranty… But it’s with eclair now, can I take it to samsung?

          • says

            Hello Landau,

            You can take it to samsung center, i don’t know about the warranty. Btw this is the first time i hear usb problem like yours. You can try to ask people at, maybe someone there ever had the problem like yours and has the solution.

          • Caio Landau says

            Hey lorenz,

            Well after trying for some time to connect the USB, without any success, I called the provider I bought the phone from.

            As it’s only been 5 days since I received the phone, the law here says they have to replace it as long as the problem is not caused explicitly by me. In my view, they WILL replace it. As long as they don’t want a war with me, they WILl replace it.

            When I first called, they told me to take it to Samsung. I insisted. That’s bulls***, they just wanted it to complete the 7th day so they don’t have to replace it anymore and the warranty would be with Samsung.

            They said they will send someone to my house in 3 to 5 business days for the replacement.

            Well one thing I know: I’ll not be updating it to eclair any time soon unless the update is provided officially. I’ll be just fine with cupcake. Well even though I’m pretty sure this problem couldn’t be caused by me.

            A guy from Samsung that was in my provider’s store said it’s probably the phone’s USB port, so it’s definitely NOT my problem.

          • says

            Hello Landau,

            Okay, i hope all things will go well with the phone. I just wonder why the problem could happen,i’ve never heard visitors or people on other forums experience problem like yours. I think thats a hardware failure, not caused by the flashing process. Good luck, happy sunday..

          • Caio Landau says

            Yeah, it seems like a hardware problem. Unfortunately I had flashed it before it crashed. But I’m pretty sure that won’t affect the warranty – if they put a charged battery in the phone, they will see it’s working perfectly. Another reason for me to think it is a hardware failure is that I plugged it in once, and it was working. Then I installed an apk file, and in the middle of the process, the phone lost the USB connection and connected again. That happened twice, as if I was unplugging and plugging the cable. Finally, I actually unplugged the cable – I could install the app successfully – and right after that the cable wouldn’t connect anymore.

            I only hope they won’t say the warranty was void – nothing that I did that could brick the phone actually brick it while I was doing it, so I can’t see how that can be my fault.

          • says

            yeah i see,maybe the usb port on your computer that caused the problem on phone’s usb port. Plugging the usb cable also means the phone gets power from computer and it may cause damaged on phone’s usb port if something goes wrong with the port. Thats just my guess :-)

  154. fabrizio says

    Hi Lorenz,
    I Live in Argentina

    My Spica Firmware is:

    PDA: I5700LVDIK4
    CSC I5700PSNIK4

    I checked “VD” as my carrier “Telecom Personal”.
    Here we have only 850/1900 MHZ as 3G bands. Do you think there will be any problem with 3g bands flashing the phone to I570EXXJCE firmware?
    One detail more: with my actual firmware I went to Europe and had no problem in using 2100MHZ 3g band

    ThankYou very much

    • says

      Hello Fabrizio,

      Yes you can flash to europe firmaware. Same as me here with 850/1900 3g bands and it works well except for two operators (have to overwrite a lib in android system manually). I heard someone from Argentina at samdroid forum told that his phone worked well without any problem after using europe firmware.

  155. says


    I have the following, can I follow the your process to root my i5700? i’m a newbie in modding cellphones. i’m from philippines, so JCE is better than my JC4 and JCE is the latest now?

    Baseband: i570EDXJC2
    kernel: 2.6.29
    Build: ECLAIR.DXJC4

    thanks in advance

    • says

      Hell el_kapitan

      JCE is not the latest firmware. The latest is EXXJE4. There is no difference since JCE, so you can use JCE. If you are already in JC4, flash it with JCE (use Flash I guide) then root it using root guide (point #5.1 & #5.2).

      • says

        lorenz, sorry for this dumb question. what’s the diff with the baseband and build ? which is really my firmware version? the baseband or the build? thanks again

        Baseband: i570EDXJC2
        Build: ECLAIR.DXJC4

  156. mikage360 says

    What can you recommend me to do next
    baseband: I570EXXJC1?
    Kernel 2.6.19 leshak
    Build number 2.06.beta3/Samdriod 1.2.x?

    Is there a difference between the newer firmwar than mine?

    • says

      Use EXXJCE or EXXJE1 (the latest is EXXJE4, never tried it) and apply samdroid mod v1.2 (kitchen). Since JCE, there is no improvements in newer firmware released.

  157. GehanSR says


    I successfully upgraded my Spica to Eclair and rooted it as well with LkMod v.2.5.1 as above.

    Now I want to install apps2SD .

    To do this do I need to follow all 3 steps as per item 5 above ?


      • GehanSR says


        I completed steps 1 & 2 of item 5 above.

        After this, is there anything that I have to do manually (like moving files from phone memory to SD card) ?

        For example, now when I install an app, does it get automatically moved to the EXT2 partition, so that no space is taken up from phone memory or re there any other additional steps that I have to perform ?

        Thanks in advance,

        • says

          You dont have to move the apps manually. After applying app2sd and reboot, system will automatically moved old apps to sd and all new installed apps will be installed on sd.

          • GehanSR says

            COOOOOOL :)

            Thanks a lot for this great guide and all ur help.

            Really appreciate it…


  158. arya says


    i’m from indonesia, i use dxjc4 firmware.

    I successfully upgraded my Spica to Eclair, but my bluetooth still not working!

    it can receive file but cannot send, i try to use Bluetooth File Transfer, but still not working….

    help me please..

      • arya says


        now i know bluetooth file transfer doesn’t
        work with my spica….

        someone tell me that the problem is in the bluetooth firmware….but i don’t have knowledge about that…

        thanks anyway..

        • arya says

          there’s one more that i want to ask

          before i use odin, i try to use samsung pc studio to upgrade my phone, but it fail to instal the upgrade….however the pc studio manage to download the file and it only contain “GT-I5700_I5700DXJC4_I5700OLBJC4_I5700DXJC2_I5700DXJC4_DX_XSE” inside that folder i get a .tar file “I570EOLBJC4″

          i want to know what is I570EOLBJC4.tar, coz inside it i found the same file with the I570EDXJC4.tar?


          • Caio Landau says

            If this file was downloaded by the official PC Studio from Samsung, what you got is probably the official final update for YOUR phone. Seems like where you live, you already have the update available officially.

            Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think your best guess is to flash this firmware you got. But please don’t do anything until someone can confirm that.

            If that file you get is the official release from Samsung for your phone, it’s probably the best firmware for you.

          • says

            Files downloaded from Samsung NPC must be installed through NPC. NPC will install the firmware automatically after the download complete.

            I don’t know what the formats of the downloaded file and what it contains, never use NPC to upgrade. But the firmware that Samsung distributes through NPC is the same with the one listed in

  159. cyberFreek says


    First of all, a biiig thank you for the brilliant guide!!!

    Got my Spica updated, rooted and got apps2sd installed as well, thanks to this :)

    There’s a point that I’d like to get clarified.

    When applying apps2sd at point number 5 above, in the second step of this operation, u create an ext2 partition using the recovery mode of the phone. This lets you create a partition with a maximum size of 512mb. I’ve already done this, and it works fine.

    What I want to know is, if I make a larger partition, say 2GB on my 8GB card, using a Linux PC, would this still work fine or would there be any issue with the size of the partition, or would I have to apply apps2sd again after creating the new partition ?

    Appreciate your thoughts on this.
    Thanks in advance,

    • says

      Hello cyberFreek, you’re welcome

      Yes you can create partition on linux box, system will automatically mount and copies apps to ext2 partition.

      • cyberFreek says

        Hi Lorenz,

        many thanks for the reply. Got the SD card re-partitioned using a Linux box and it works fine :)

        now, another query :)

        well, wen i first installed 2.1 Eclair and re-booted the phone, the main menu was organized with horizontal scrolling with pages (like in the iPhone).

        but, once i rooted the phone using LkMod 2.5.1, the main menu is now the way it was in Cupcake (one vertically scrolling page). how can i get the menu to be in vertical scrolling pages (like iPhone) again ?

        thanks in advance,

        • says

          The default launcher with horizontal scrolling is Pantheon. I don’t recommend it, it is sluggish. The vertical scrolling you mean is Helix Launcher that comes with lkmod 2.5. You can disable it by go to Settings-> Applications->Manage Applications->Helix Launcher->Clear Defaults.

          I recommend LauncherPro, you can download it from market.

    • shaishap says

      In flash II, I get error “big partition size”, and FAIL.
      Any ideas?
      I have a Sumsung Spica 5700i, and can’t seem to find the problem.
      I have a Win7 machine.

  160. august says

    hallo lorenz,i want update my phone with your method. my baseband version i5700XEIL5,not will be problems? i tried update with samsung pc studio,always some problems..waste the time…

  161. ck says

    ever since i upgraded from cupcake to eclair, ive been having problems when browsing using local wifi, i mean the phone is saying its connected but i cant browse(page isnt loading), cant connect to android market either. Have you any ideas regarding this issue? all thoughts will be greatly appreciated. thanks

  162. steven says

    Regarding flashing from europe version to asia ver. ,since there’s I570EDXJC4 and I570EDDJC5, which 1 i should go with?? I currently using I570EXXJCE(from this guide), can I directly flash it to I570EDDJC5 ??

  163. SKALJA says

    Hello, your explanations are great and simple to follow , great work.
    I have a problem I have done the flashI part and everything went OK, My phone even rebooted with a new appearence
    Now I am trying the flashII part, odin starts and even if phone is detected at first , the dowload does seem to work, I have tried to deconect , remove battery , dowload mod again, reopen odin and start again , but no success. Any idea on how to pas this
    I have followed you links to dowload the needed files and the file (I570EOLBJB3-CSC-CL167487-OLB.tar) appears as “cache.rfs” I have renamed it as tar may be this is a starting point to my issue.
    please help
    and thanks again for you tutorial
    regards LD

  164. steven says

    Hi again, I tried to flash my I570EXXJCE to DXJB3 but it somehow show exclamation mark during reset step(tried 3x, I used spica_jc3_ops and the older one, still didn’t work too and still didn’t work.

    So I had to flash it back to EXXJCE again but only by following step 1(I wonder why) and it came back to normal. Since I’m in Indonesia, I want it flash it to asia ver.

    I followed Ramees Guides but it didn’t work, maybe you can help me by providing another guide?


    • says

      Hello Steven

      For Indonesian, use DXJC4, DDJC5 is for India (Hindi version). To get DXJC4, flash with DXJB3 fist using Sammer’s guide then DXJC4. When flashing with DXJB3, use old ops file. Exclamation mark may caused by unappropriate ops file. Where did you get the old ops file? Try to download it from different source.


      • steven says

        I used the ops file that come with the DXJB3 complete package from, when the exclamation mark happened, it doesn’t mean I bricked the phone right?

        Is there another download link for DXJC4, the one in samsung-firmware seems to be a broken links.

        Thanks for help :)


        • says

          No, the phone doesn’t brick. The exclamation mark means that the phone can’t boot to normal android system (missing bootloader). Sorry i don’t have the links for dxjc4, try to search it on multiupload.

          • steven says

            Hi Lorenz,

            thanks for the info :), I finally got the file for dxjc4,and downloaded other OPS, will try to flash it again in future, afraid of bricking my spica if i flash it to often, what is the sign, if the phone brick??

          • says

            Flashing the phone too often will not brick it as long as you apply the procedure correctly. The signs of bricked phone:
            - can’t boot,
            - can’t be charged
            - can’t enter download mode
            - the screen totally blank

          • says

            Flashing the phone too often will not brick it as long as you apply the procedure correctly. The signs of bricked phone:
            - can’t boot,
            - can’t be charged
            - can’t enter download mode
            - the screen totally blank

  165. SKALJA says

    well I done FLASH I again and it worked fine .
    Now on FLASH II, Odin gives me a failed message everytime.
    So I have unppluged the phone from the PC.
    there is now an OS , with eclair.XXJCE
    Kernel 2.6.29 root@se-S610#2

    I hope I didn’t messed my phone completly

    By the way I am in Canada but the phone comes from Europe

    Help me Please!!!

    • says

      Hello SKALJA,

      If you already have Eclair on first stage (Flash I),you don’t have to continue to next steps. The Flash II & III steps are for phones that comes from 1.5 and have problems with exclamation mark (missing bootloader).

  166. says

    hiii… i m from india .just updated the spica 1.5 to i570EDDJC5 and rooted it with leshak2.02 .than applied the samdriod mod1.o.2 do u think i followed the right steps to upgrade my device ? also let me know how can i install the galary option as shown by u? and flash player for net streaming ? ……thanks a lot for guidence.

    • says

      Hi B2ZENS,

      Yes you’re right. My suggestion, if you already know how to apply samdroid mod, use the latest mod (samdroid 1.3 / kitchen). It contains selectable packages that you can choose to install. Find it on samdroid forum.

  167. SKALJA says

    Lorenz, thank you and I will come visit your page often to see any new, It is far better her than any official support for the Samsung Spica or from Rogers.
    Now I have a question. My phone is now in Android 2.1 upgrade 1
    could you tell me me if ther is any way to have my phone recognized by KIES or NPS 1.5 so I can manage music and picture .
    I have tried and none of them can detect the phone .
    also I always have a message concernin ADB driver not supported from Windows

    • says

      You’re welcome :-)

      Why use NPC or Kies to manage pictures & music? You can manage the files (sdcard) directly from windows explorer. Connect the phone to computer and mount the sdcard from Android and it will be displayed on windows explorer.

      If you have problem with drivers, try to reinstall NPC or Kies then reboot.

  168. javed says

    Currently m on XXJE4,may i flash with lklk2.02 ?
    Nd wat if i flash to DDJC5,may i use lk2.02 with DDJC5?


    • says

      Yes you can use lk2.02. My suggestion, after installing lk2.02, apply app2sd then samdroid mod/kitchen (it includes Hindi version (ddjc5)). Follow this guide item #5.1, #5.2 then install sammod from

  169. JV says


    i tried flashing to Lk2.02 but i cannot seem to pass setup connection, I was wondering if there seems to be a problem, im using vista ultimate as operating system.


  170. august says

    i have problem. fail on flash 2 i tick pda format option all process stop. is only download mode,but odin can,t find mobile port. this is the end??

  171. Yousef says

    Very informative and very clear and nice guide. Thank you very much.

    Here’s some suggestions:
    1. You should put in between Flash I and Flash II that if you get the 2.1 home screen instead of the exclamation point then you don’t have to continue on to Flash II and Flash III.
    2. Please host the files on a free ad-less website like mydropbox. Mydropbox has 2gb free space and you can post direct URLs instead of shitty rapidshare and megaupload. That would really be helpful and nice.


    • abby says

      Hi! I want to know what you did after the “Cannot find jpg or png!” prompt appeared on your phone. I am experiencing the same after i finished with Flash 1

  172. august says

    now its ok!!! i have android 2.1 !!!!! no need continue flash 2 and 3,after flash 1 i haved new eclair. thanks Lorenz!!

  173. boom says

    hi lorenz,
    awesome directions! clear, and comprehensive!

    but i got a question:
    I want to install samdroid kitchen into my unRooted 2.1 spica with Firmware ECLAIRE.DXJC4 would you suggest I install the lkmod first then the lk2.02?


    • says

      Install lk2.02 instead of lkmod before installing the samdroid mod. Samdroid mod requires root & app2sd enabled. Follow guides on item #5.1 & #5.2 on this post to apply lk2.02 & app2sd.

      • boom says

        followed the guide to the letter and i got it rooted and installed the samdroid!

        awesome!! super thanks!

  174. says

    hi, i’m just bought samsung spica and upgrade to android 2.1 at samsung service center.

    what should i do to install samdroid just like here-> ?

    here is my spica:
    firmare version : 2.1-update1
    baseband version : i570EDXJC2
    kernel version : 2.6.29 chad.lee@SE-S604 #2
    build number : ECLAIR.DXJC4

    i’m using ubuntu linux (no more windows OS)
    what should i do first to get rooting like yours?

    thanks before.

  175. ilman says

    hi lorenzo,i’ve already flash my spica with and the process went well.then after i applied apps2sd and install aplication on my sd card “it wont worked”,the apploication i’ve installed still used internal u have solution for my problems..??

    • says

      Phone’s internal memory still decreases though you’ve enabled app2sd. Thats because app2sd only moves applications to sd meanwhile dalvik cache still resides on phone’s internal memory. So, you may see phone’s memory still decreases after installing a new application.

  176. Hiren says

    Hi Lorenz,

    Thanks for the guide, got my Spica updated today. It updated on first flash itself. I just wanted to know what is the difference between lkmod and samdroid mod and which one would you suggest. I will be rooting my phone.

    • says

      Hi Hiren,

      Lkmod is the older version of samdroid mod. I suggest you to install the latest samdroid mod a.k.a kitchen, you can download it from Sammod/kitchen is flexible, you can choose which package/apps to install.

      • Hiren says

        Hi Lorenz,

        Thanks for the reply. To install the samdroid kitchen, I can follow the steps in 5.1 to 5.3 right. I have just installed the 2.1 update only with your instructions.

        • says

          Yes, follow the guide on #5.1 & #5.2 to apply lk2.02 and app2sd. #5.3 is for samdroid 1.03 (older version), but you can use the guide to install the latest version(kitchen).

  177. says

    hi lorenz i falshed my spica to jcb firware by your guide and now i want root access. i was wondering on which lk to install. lk 2.02 or lk2.6beta4, pls help me …

  178. boom says

    hi again lorenz,
    hehe.. may i ask for some advice again? i experimented with the Jit package and now the phone stops booting at the second boot screen. I can still access the recovery and download screens.

    what should i do to get this back running?

    thanks much!

    • boom says

      hey man,

      i figured it out! i installed the wrong package. one should install the kitchen mod with the base package before installing any mod with the speed boosts.. hehe. i just installed one with speed boost. :-)

      thanks for your guide! it helped me get that. :-)

  179. SKALJA says

    Hi Lorenz,
    I have few issues with the Spica, may be be you can help !!!
    1)when connecting the device everytime i am asked( from windows) to install drivers if I use kies a window with installing driver appears and it takes few minutes before the process ends.
    if I follow the window procedure , it gives a message , telling me it was not possible to install the drivers, I have tried many location( CD from samsung, Kies program files…) nothing seems to work.
    now if I use kies, some drivers install for the “USB mass stockage” then the device I5700 appear as well as the sd card (when I mount it) and again some driver dowload starts when I mount the sd card , at the end of this process( again few minutes later) It tries to install samsung Android ADB Interface without sucess. I get a message “impossible to install this device S3C6410 ANDROID interface”
    If you have any ideas on how to resolve this it would be great.

    I am impressed with your knowledge and the time you take to answer all this question, keep up the good work
    sincerely SKALJA

    PS: Sorry if my english seems strange but I am french speaking soo…

    • says

      Thats driver problems. Use Kies if you’re running Win7, for XP use Samsung PC Studio(NPC). Uninstall Kies/NPC, reboot, then reinstall again. Don’t connect the phone to computer while installing the drivers. You may repeat the steps more than one times if you still have problems with the drivers. Hope it helps.

  180. SKALJA says

    other questionS,
    everytime I import music to the device , from Kies or directly to the SD card,
    all songs appears separatly and I can’ find a way to regroup them under 1 album name.
    any suggestions ?

  181. Hiren says

    Hi Lorenz,

    For lk2.02, while flashing with i5700_LK2-02_PDA.tar in Odin this will be the only file to select, nothing else like an ops file.

  182. Clicker says

    Hey, thanks for this guide, I just want to ask that is the Firmware I570EXXJCE (which you provided) OK for my Country?…I live in Saudi Arabia and cant find a Firmware for Saudi Arabia(or Middle East), or at least installing Asian fimrware safe? ……….. or is there an Official update for the Spica here in my Country?

  183. Danie says

    First of all thank you for your time and effort, but I really need your advice on the following.

    I started with the flashing procedure as instructed here yesterday morning on my Win 7, Kies drivers laptop… it kept picking up the device but got stuck at “setup connection” all the time.Tried numerous drivers from Kies/NPC system restarts etc… it only picks up the device under device manager every 10-15th time that I plug in the device.

    Now here is the problem part, I tried everything on an XP machine with NPC drivers after about 3 attempts it started flashing (finally) only to get stuck half way at the 2/5 Factoryfs download. I waited for about 2 hours and it didn’t do anything (fearing for a bricked phone) I unplugged it (praying) but saw that I could still charge and enter Download mode, but obviously my phone can not boot up anymore as it just gets stuck at Samsung loading screen.

    Now, after this I started trying again to flash the phone but for the life of me as soon as the PC (xp or win 7) finally picks up the device correctly after so many driver re-installs, reboots etc it still just gets stuck at “Setup Connection”… So I left it yesterday thinking that this morning I would give it another bash

    Again battled this morning when finally on the XP machine it started flashing the device again only to get stuck at FactoryFS again (this time a bit sooner in the download as the first time). Been 13 minutes now still nothing.

    I am using the latest Ops and the Tar file suggested by you…

    Any advice pleas?

  184. Danie says

    Getting the hang of the routine that I need to follow for me to be able to flash once every 5 times…

    Tried a different firmware package now and it still hangs on FactoryFS…

    It never hangs in the same place, sometimes 1/3 of the way sometimes halfway…

    • says

      Hi Danie,

      Flash the phone on XP, Win7 sometimes has problems with the drivers. Have you tried to remove and insert the battery before enter the download mode?

      Try different method and firmware. Use complete firmware edition ( that comes with four files ) such as JD1,JD4 or JE1. Flash it with sameer’s guide.

      • Danie says

        Thanx for comming back Lorenz, but I don’t know what had happened, but last night I tried again on the Win 7 pc, it again hanged halfway through, but when I accidently turned on the phone….THERE was Android 2.1.. I have no freaking clue how it happened, but it did LMAO!! Everything working 100%

        Thanks for the guide man ;)

  185. arnie007 says

    Hey lorenz…
    Im gonna be getting a Spica in the next 2 days so do u think it will ok for me to go ahead with rooting this.
    the guide is really to the point.
    rep++ if i coulda.
    I stay in India so all i have to do is to download the I570EDDJC5 firmware n flash it to android 2.1.
    then install the Lk2.02 mod.

    theres one more thing how am i to partition my SD card to say a 4 gig for apps when in recovery mode the maz is 521 mb.
    im using windows 7.
    do reply…
    THANKS :)

    • says

      Yes thats ok, all depend on you. My suggestion, use it awhile for about one week before flashing it so you can feel the different.

      You can use linux box to manually create ext2 partition or software like Paragon that runs on Windows.

  186. Joe says

    Hi Lorenz,

    Thanks for all the help you are providing.

    I have a 2 day new Spica (still on Android 1.5).I tried everything to upgrade it to Eclair “legally”. No luck through NPS 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5.

    What do I have to do to upgrade it to Eclair safely -without bricking it?

    My Spica’s currently on:

    baseband: i5700JXIL2
    Kernel 2.6.27 mobilus@mea03)
    Build number CUPCAKE.JPIL3

    I want to use your flashing guide. What firmware version do you advise?



      • says

        You can use european firmware, the firmware used here (jce) is a european firmware and it works well so far for non europe region.

        Follow this guide and use jce as provided by this guide. Jce is not the latest, if you want to try the latest firmware (je4), use sameer’s guide.

  187. player00 says


    Quite a nice guide you have in here! I have a few questions about spica(not regarding flashing, just generic questions), and if you don’t mind, would like to pick your mind on them. Is it ok to ask them here?

    Thanks :-)

  188. Clicker says

    I cant connect my phone to the PC while in Download mode…both the Drivers show up while the phone is turned on, but the Modem Driver does not come in download mode…I tried to uninstall them and reinstall but nothing works. Thanks in advance

  189. Hiren says

    Hi Lorenz,

    I am rooted my spica 2.1 with lk2.o2 and applied app2sd. Now about the kitchen mod, I have selected all the option from the samdroid site. I want know how will I be able to choose like which launcher I want when I apply the mod.

  190. steven says

    Hi Lorenz,

    I tried to reflash it to XJB3, but still no luck, kept showing exclamation mark altough I already tried another Ops. file @___@

    And another thing, my phone gallery often fails to refreash/update the Pictures/Video, is that one of the bugs??

        • steven says

          Yes, I followed sameer’s guide,

          I hard reset, then followed his guide, the exclamation mark always there during reset and reinstalling step. So far only your guide(this one) worked for me.

          And my “gallery” seems to be buggy, it always fail to detect new files when i copy/added new pics/video when I transfered it to spica -__-;

          • says

            Hello Steven,

            I suggest you to install samdroid mod a.k.a kitche. You can choose which package to install, includes working gallery app.

  191. Jevgenij says

    Hi Lorenz,

    many thanks to you. Success from the first flash :) Just updated Spica to i570EXXJC1 – haven’t rooted it yet ( will do it tomorrow).
    Have found a problem – seems, I forgot to backup APN settings, so now if I go to – Settings -> Wireless Controls -> Mobile Network Settings -> Access Point Names – nothing is there. Can’t connect to internet via GPRS (wifi is working of course).
    Any suggestions on how to restore the APNs?

  192. Jevgenij says

    Yep! Everything is OK now. Shame on me – didn’t find where to input settings manually :)

    One more question: wanted to root, but found that device isn’t recognized by pc any more (win XP). no usb controllers, no modems. Tried to reinstall NPC several times – no luck. Drivers are installed, but nothing appears in device manager when the phone is connected to PC. Mass storage is working.
    Any ideas?

      • Jevgenij says

        Finally got a mod installed. Now playing with the phone.
        Win could see it before 2.1 flashing(and even a New PC Studio offered an update (I’m from Latvia) – but it’s so unstable, so I decided to go for a flash).
        Now phone is recognized only in download mode. That’s not a problem for me, just liked PC Studio:)

        Thank you very much!

  193. zac1953 says

    lorenz thanks for your helps

    my firmware version 2.1-update1
    basband version is i570ejxjc2
    kernel version is 2.6.29 mobilus@se-s606 #2
    build number is eclair.jpjd7

    no android market in my phone i5700 galaxy spica. and i need it. the phone is useless without it. do i have to flash to other firmware and wich one. i live in egypt. thanks in advance for your efforts

  194. vavan says

    hi lorenz, can i also flash LkMod v2.5.1 to JD3 firmware? my spica came from china with JD3 fw and im really noob with android.


      • vavan says

        thanks lorenz.
        how bout flashing, does the .tar file should reside on the SD card or on the PC harddisk?

        how can i install apps from SD, moving forward?

      • vavan says

        hi lorenz, really sorry for bothering you.

        for Installing Lk2.02 (this is the pre-requisite to install kitchen.)
        Do I just do the same step on FLASH III steps but the PDA should be i5700_LK2-02_PDA.tar?

  195. zac1953 says

    hi lorenz

    i flashed again to other firmware for arabic language.
    you mentioned here in this forum before I570EJPJD5.tar
    but don’t have android marker
    is there any firmware has both arabic language and android market.thanks

  196. Sowri Rajan says

    Dear Jay,

    I am unable to download the JB4_bootloader.rar file. I have got all other files. Is it possible for you to send it to me?

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,


    • Jay says

      Im nt d blogger,, :P
      i downloaded it successfully frm d link above,, try again,, im sure it wil work<<< :D

  197. cyberFreek says


    I followed ur guide and got my phone flashed and installed apps2sd and created the ext2 partition and all that and it all works fine.

    But got an issue that I would like to get clarified.

    Even though, I’ve got apps2sd up and running, when I install apps n stuff, the phone memory still gets eaten up. When I check the SD card from a linux box, I can see apps that have been moved there, but I’m still losing phone memory as I install more apps.

    Any idea why this might be ?


    • says

      Thats because dalvik-cache still resides in internal memory. If you want, you can move dalvik cache to sdcard using samdroid tools (If you’ve installed sam mod).

      • cyberFreek says


        I installed the sam mod.

        When I did the wipe data/cache, this basically re-setted the phone, meaning that I lost all settings & apps. But can always get them all installed again.

        But the issue is, when I check thru Samdroid Tools, it shows that there’s only 66MB free in the SD card for apps2sd. Earlier, when I installed apps2sd I created a 2GB EXT2 partition in the SD card (which worked without issues).

        My issue is, when I installed SamdroidMod-1_0_3-update did any step of this process re-set my 2GB EXT2 partition (and made it smaller) or why is it that Samdroid Tools is showing that I’ve only 66MB available for apps2sd ?

        As always, your help is very much appreciated,