How to Remove Website URL Field From Genesis Theme Comment Form

Website URL field in wordpress comment form can be a pain for blog owner. Spammer always use the field to drop the shady links that useless or can be harmful to readers. Genesis theme uses its own function to customize comment form. To remove the URl field, we have add filter to remove the field.

The steps:

  • Go to Genesis child theme directory under wp-content/themes
  • Download functions.php file
  • Alter the file by adding the following lines of code at the bottom:
    add_filter( 'genesis_comment_form_args', 'url_filtered' );
    add_filter( 'comment_form_default_fields', 'url_filtered' );
    function url_filtered( $fields )
    	if ( isset( $fields['url'] ) )
    		unset( $fields['url'] );
    	if ( isset( $fields['fields']['url'] ) )
    		unset( $fields['fields']['url'] );
    	return $fields;
  • Save the file then upload it.
  • Check the comment form,the URL field should be missing now.
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