SavePoint lets you save GPS position and height of a point into your phone. SavePoint is an application that lets you collect and save GPS waypoints. You can also group the waypoints into collections, view them on map and export them into sdcard using several formats. Currently supported format are SQL, CSV, KML and GPX



Changes in version 1.3:
  • New UI design
  • Add Live Map view on main page
  • Swipe left or right to switch between Live Map and Get Position view
  • Add Address field on Get Position view
  • Add Geocode button to get current postal address
  • Add address field into CSV and SQL format
  • Add address and time field into KML and GPX format
  • Add map display mode option on every map view
  • Save GPS location (latitude, longitude, altitude)
  • Group the saved points into collection
  • Export saved points to CSV, SQL, GPX, adn KML format
  • View  saved points on map

Available in Android Market

Market Download:




  1. Dennis McKinney says

    Just downloaded this and love it. Have a request for it, though:

    Add auto-export after adding a new location. I need the info in csv format, but I always forget to do it manually. I can automate everything once it’s saved in the .csv format.

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